DroidSheep for iOS

DroidSheep is an Android app, also works on iOS devices, works as the protector and Hackers on smartphones. What the DroidSheep app really does is, identify unprotected websites on the browser on your network and keep you safe from being harm by hackers. Secondly, it works like hackers for you. Droidsheep allows you to get the online profiles of other users on your network and use them as the owner.

You can save cookies and customized them. You can hack profiles from social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. 

DroidSheep is not available on the Google play store, users will have to download its apk file to install on their android device. It works only on rooted devices so make sure that you have rooted permission on your android device before downloading the app.


DroidSheep App on iOS Devices

DroidSheep app can work on both android and iOS. For Android devices, you need to download the apk file and install it.

For having the DroidSheep app on an iOS device follow the below steps – 

DroidSheep app on iOS by Android Emulators:

You can not download and install the DroidSheep apk file on iOS as it wouldn’t support the programming language. You can use emulators like iAndroid.

You might be used Bluestacks on your PC for using Android apps, this is similar to that. You also can use Bluestacks.

Before moving to the above step make sure your ios device has – 64bit processor, Updated SDK Manager, and preinstalled Cydia. 

Now Download the iAndroid app:

  • Open Cydia and select the Manage option.
  • Now select Source
  • Now add http//:apt.modmyi.com. source
  • Now you will have a new app for this source. Open it and search for iAndroid app and download it.
  • After having the iAndroid emulator you can use ios and the android device and can install the Droidsheep Apk file.

DroidSheep app on iOS by.IPA file

As the APK file works on android devices for third party app so the IPA file works on iOS devices. 

You can download the Droidsheep app IPA file and install it on your ios device. Just follow the simple steps for installing the IPA files on iOS devices.

Features of DroidSheep App on iOS devices

  • Works as an open-source application
  • Save and send cookies information via mail
  • Hack social networking profiles
  • Protect from harmful hackers and viruses.