DragMeDown Cydia Tweak takes Multitasking to the Next Level

We are talking about the new tweak which is another Cydia one and it has some unique features to invent. So we will now explore this new tweak and find how easy multitasking becomes with the use of this tweak.

The stock App Switcher works to force quit applications when you need. But the interface had much more to offer, and the developer ijipija00 noticed how many more features can be tapped and released to the users.  The jailbreak tweak is the outcome of this discussion and that is how DragMeDown occurred to exist. This one lets you access the new functions of App Switcher. You just have to swipe up or down on the app at your home screen cards in the App Switcher.


There is a chance to the new configuration of the tweak from the new preference pane of Settings. This settings app is broken down into two major sections – Configuration and Actions.

How it works:

Your original iOS operating system will not allow you to use drag down app cards by default. That is why you need DragMeDown tweak. DragMeDown Cydia tweak allows you to drag down app cards on multitasking. This has been developed by tweak developer ijapija00.

After installing it, you can easily swipe down the app cards and kill an application in the App Switcher. Not only this- this tweak can be used in a versatile way and possesses other useful features. You can use the Delete App Cache option to delete the app’s cache. This process will be useful for you to free up some space. After installation, you can configure it as per your choice and create the best setup to suit your needs.

This one uses the new update system of ijapija00. The best part is that DragMeDown searches for new updates automatically after each respring, or when it’s setting is configured. You can buy it from ijapija00’s Ananke payment system. But that way you may face difficulties in upgrading to the latest version. Then you can follow the below-given process to get the latest update for DragMeDown tweak.

You need to add ijipija00’s repository to Cydia – cydia.ijipija00.com. Then install the Ananke Migration utility. This process will enable the migration from Ananke to Cydia.

Why you need it:

This one is a great option for those who multitask. This tweak only supports iPhone and iPads but developers are working on it to make it supported by other languages too. If you are the owner of iPod touch then you are not lucky this time. This is compatible with iOS 10 as well.

This tweak helps you to get over the restrictions and thus you can easily use any kind of drag down apps. This tweak has awesome multitasking configuration. You can easily swipe down to kill the applications as well as switch the multitasking. It can bring more useful functions.

dragmedowntweak-delete app cache

It also helps you to delete the cache by “Delete App Cache” option. The app’s cache will be cleared out from the device with this tweaks useful option.

There are a total of 11 options –

  • Close application
  • Relaunch app
  • Relaunch all apps
  • Clear app badge
  • Delete app cache
  • Delete all user data
  • Dismiss switcher
  • Respring
  • Safe mode
  • Reboot
  • Power off

You can enjoy the bunch of options in this tweak and make your work simple by the means it is providing. This tweak is first of its type which brings in localizations to life. The modern system makes it updated on its own when any new update is around. The online system is modern enough to handle you the updated version of this tweak which will make your job easier. It will search for updates with every Respring and customization of changing settings. It will inform you when and if your favourite language is ready to be installed.

With the latest 1.1 version of DragMeDown you can get to see these changes:

  • There are improved and smooth animations.
  • The bugs from the previous version are fixed successfully.
  • The iPad header is correctly aligned in the preferences.
  • It moves back to the Cydia store.

If you want to get DragMeDown tweak in Cydia via Bigboss repo then it is free. But you have to pay for the commercial package for 1.99$ after the tweak is installed.