DPC Watchdog Violation Error- Fixed

DPC Watchdog violation is an error that occurs in the Windows operating system. DPC stands for Deferred Procedure Call and Watchdog is a bug checker which monitors PC programs and performance. When watchdog bug checker does not find any response or wait for a long duration than its normal time, then DPC Watchdog violation error message will appear on the screen.

Sometimes, hardware or software incompatibility in your system may cause this issue along with another blank blue screen ( BSOD – Blue Screen Of Death) issues. This issue may also occur due to the outdated or wrongly installed device driver and files in your drive which are not supported by the current Windows version.

DPC Watchdod Violation Fixed

Fix DPC Watchdog violation issue on Windows PC

Let’s see how to fix DPC Watchdog violation issue on Windows PC.

1. Update  SATA AHCI controller driver :

Microsoft suggests updating SATA AHCI driver which is responsible for data exchange between storage devices and memory of your system. Follow the steps below to update the SATA AHCI controller.

Step 1: Right-click on the ‘start’ button on your system home screen. Select ‘ Device Manager’ from the list of options appear on the careen.

Step 2: On-device manager window, you can see an option named  ‘ IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers’. Expand this, now you will find ‘ SATA AHCI controller’.

Step 3: Right-click on ‘ SATA AHCI controller and go to properties. Click on the ‘Driver’ tab and go to  ‘driver details’ and ensure that iaStor.sys is under driver list. Next, click on ‘OK’.

Step 4: Next go to ‘Driver’ option again and select  ‘ update driver’. A pop-up window will appear now. Here, select ‘  Browse my computer for driver software’

Step 5:  After, select ‘let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer’ and ‘ standard SATA AHCI Controller’. Then, click on ‘Next’ option below.

Once this procedure completes, restart your computer and check whether DPC watchdog violation issue is resolved.

2. Check your system disk :

Initially check whether all the data and power cables are properly plugged-in to your system. Then, you need to check whether the hard drive of your system has corrupt files. Go to command prompt and enter the command “ CHKDSK C:/F/R “. Next, press ‘ENTER’ key to run the command.  This is how you can check your disk drive for corrupted files.

3. Update drivers and OS :

Outdated drivers and Operating system may cause DPC watchdog violation error. Hence, make sure that you are using the latest and updated versions of  Drivers and Operating system.

4. Resolve hardware and software incompatibility issues :

To resolve the DPC watchdog violation issue, the user must check hardware and software compatibility in their system.

To check hardware compatibility: If you are using multiple external devices, plug-in one device at a time and check it’s compatibility.  If you get an error while using a particular device, then that has the compatibility issue.

To check software compatibility: If you find corrupted software by trial and error method, then uninstall it and restart your system to check whether error persists. And you can also try to resolve the error by uninstalling recently installed third party software’s.

Users can also try by running ‘’ program compatibility trouble-shooter’’ to automatically detect and resolve few issues.

5. Run event viewer

Running event viewer may help to identify device or driver that causing DPC watchdog violation issue.

Step 1:  Right-click on the start button on the windows home screen and select ‘Event viewer’ from the menu.

Step 2: A new screen will open. Now select ‘ system ‘ under ‘windows logs’ on the left side of the screen.

Step 3:  In the central part of the screen, you can find marked logs that have errors and warnings.

Now you can find ways to solve these errors and resolve DPC watchdog violation error.

These are the simple methods which may help to fix DPC watchdog violation error.