Download SCOthman Snapchat for iOS

If you have used Snapchat then you will love the interface of SCOthman. This is the same app but it is much better than Snapchat because it has added features. This app has everything that you would wish to change in the Snapchat app.

Through this you can save stories to your device, also you can watch snaps without the need for any receipts. Along with this, users can easily save chats.

SCOthman Snapchat for iOS

SCOthman Snapchat

The users also have access to uploading photos directly from your phone. There is no need for snaps; you can directly upload the ones you wish to include photos. There are a lot more interesting features to it.

The best thing that the users will like about the app is that they can directly install it from the Panda Helper app that too for free.

Panda helper is a third-party app store that will help in installing a number of tweaked and hacked apps for free.

After installing the SCOthman the users have access t a lot of cool tweaks like the Airshou or the Snapchat++ and many more.

Features of SCOthman

Let us now look at some of the features of the app:

  • It can easily save the snaps and stories to your device.
  • Always helps you in keeping snaps.
  • Can save chats
  • Helps in uploading photos as well as videos directly
  • There is an incognito feature for watching the stories as well
  • The screenshot feature is disabled
  • The users can change their location
  • There are various custom filters
  • Image editor can also be used
  • The video recording is there of 60 seconds
  • Users can save snaps to the custom album
  • A long tap will help in recording videos.
  • Save content from within the groups as well
  • No confirmation pings are there
  • Different inbuilt languages

Downloading SCOthman without the need for jailbreak

Users need to follow the following steps in order to download the app.

  • First, they need to go to the safari browser and then directly to the official website of panda helper
  • After this, the users need to tap on the regular option. There they will find the Download free version option. Click on that.
  • Next, the users will be prompted with the install message. They can click on it to start the process.
  • It takes some moments to complete.
  • Once it is done go to the main settings option of the device and tap on general. Go to the profile and device management section. Here you need to trust the profile.
  • Now launch Panda helper and look for the Scothmans app. You will first need to trust the developer’s message for it and then proceed.

Now the users can easily use it and enjoy the various features.

Tweaks that are available on panda helper are safe. These are scanned for viruses and malicious scripts. Hence the app is safe to install. But since it is a third-party app therefore the users need to install it o their own risk.


This is a very functional and useful application. This gives excellent chance to the users and they can chat without any hassles. Also, the users can secure the Snapchat experience by using a passcode.

The users can get better security and functions with this app. This application provides amazing connections.