Download Paid Apps for Free on iOS Without Jailbreak

We all love things we get for free and if it is the iOS  applications than it is even better. What happens in most of the cases is when the users search for these free iOS applications on the google then the results by the google say to jailbreak their device in order to download these. And, for this reason a number of users really jailbreak the device without being aware if the aftereffects that it would have on the device.

The process of  jailbreaking device includes deleting the original iOS application and installing the fake application that appears similar to the iOS application. When you do such things with your precious Apple device, you are disturbing the quality of the device.


Also, when you download apps, you might download the unwanted antivirus along with it which is harmful for your device. Most of the users are unaware of which app would carry virus along with it. So, in the below article go through the steps and the methods by which you can download these paid apps for free without Jailbreak.

How to Download Paid Apps for Free on iOS Without Jailbreak


Downloading these paid apps is a very easy task. You just need to be aware of the process of how to perform the procedure.

An app name Tongbu will help you download paid apps for free, but you don’t need to search for this application on the app store. This is because it won’t be worth searching because Apple would not have any app of such sort in the play store. So, if you want to get your desired application you need to go through the below steps, these will help you.

Step 1: Your initial task is to open safari on your device. Here you need to search the Tongbu’s website. Now wait for this website to load completely.

Step 2: When you download the website completely then tap on the Apple icon. When you do so your screen will show some text written in Chinese and an option to install the tongbus app will appear on your screen.

Step 3: The above step is important to download the app, but there is a problem associated with it. Since the app is a Chinese app ,it will be operated in Chinese language.

Step 4: Now open the app you have downloaded. You need to click on the search icon.

Step 5: When you locate the search icon, try to search any app that you wish to download.

Step 6: When you will search the app you will get information regarding the app.

Step 7: In the another window a green button will be displayed. Click on it to download the app.

Step 8: When your download will be finished, another box will appear which will indicate the install button. Click on it to install the app.


By this method you will be able to download the paid apps you wish to in iOS. Go through the below steps to know how to download the paid apps for free.

Step 1: Again for this method too, you need to open the safari browser.

Step 2: You need to search for the AppEven website. And, wait for it to download.

Step 3: When the website is completely loaded, your screen will be showing a download option. Click on this option to download the app even application.

Step 4: When the download will be completed, you will be displayed with the install option. Click on it and install the app.

Step 5: Here you need to do one extra step, this would be to add the developer by going to the settings.

When you do so, open the installed app, search for the app you wish to download and click on download.