Download OF32 – Offsets Finder for 32-bit Jailbreak Tools

So we are going to discuss a new tool which has recently launched. This is for all 32-bit devices users. In this article, we are going to discuss on OF32 works and how a user can download it.

What is OF32?

OF32 is a tool which decodes the iOS Kernel cache and detecting the necessary offset for your devices. This device has been developed by jndok. Once you get the relevant offset for your devices then you can use it for 32 –bit jailbreak tool so that you can easily use jailbreak on your devices.


Distinguish the offset between memory addresses or space between two points in a folder or data stream.

The Offset plays a vital role in jailbreaking which detect and give the command to patch the space from the starting of Kernel cache. Each and every device has their own components hence the offset will never be similar for every device which means users are not able to fix the offsets.

You can use the offset for different cases which describes the Constant shift. For instance, all CD drives can read and write offsets that may damage the output when audio CDs execute in the right manner. If offset is reading 7 then the drive also initiates with7 sample. Until it assists over reading, it will also cease 7 samples ASAP. Offset tool equalize the effect by patching the gaps and shifting the ripped audio by +7 samples.

Offsets assist for 32-bit devices and jailbreak tools. So here are some following jailbreak tools-

  • Home depot
  • PhoenixPwn
  • UntetherHome Depot

This Home Depot assist iOS 8.4.1 but it needs some improvements. This excellent feature enables users to get some important offsets for iOS 8.4.1 firmware as well.

User can easily port yalu102 to 32-bit iPhone, iPad and iPod devices give developer to add on “search” methods from patchfinder64.

A new tool has been launched which supports 32-bit device users to get the necessary offsets for different device users. In spite it isn’t easy to connect a device via USB, Executing the tool and getting the useful data via a user-friendly interface, and this tool known as OF32 which supports users to perform together and the untetherHomedepot package for iOS 9.3.4 untethered jailbreak.

Previously Jailbreak had easy to plug into the computer via USB, Executing tools like jailbreak which worked diligently. It was the huge collection by the developer and by only pressing a button to insert the payload and release the devices. This simple process results into devices and released from Apple’s walled garden, Apart from jailbreak, Apart from jailbreak you can use Cydia to insert into the app and enjoy a new experience and tweak. But the unhappy thing is it doesn’t work properly as they did it before.

But there is only one problem that all device users require tool Like OF32 to get all important information to bridge the gap of jailbreak. The untetherHomeDepot package gives you jailbreak to install via Cydia to take a semi-Tethered HomeDepot–based jailbreak into an untethered one on 32-bit devices Execute iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.3.4. UntetherHomeDepot is an excellent package which runs smoothly but it needs additional offsets to execute each device that a user looking for a jailbreak to support only iPhone4S

Download and Install OF32

Steps to download OF32 on the different device of Apple-

  • Step 1: 1st download the ZIP file through any authenticated site.
  • Step 2: While using the make command to build the tool.
  • Step 3: Now use command as a key to run the tool.
  • Step 4: Here you need to download the IPA
  • Step 5: And download the Cydia emulator
  • Step 6: Now make sure your device is connecting with your desktop.
  • Step 7: Start Cydia Emulator and pull the IPA onto the top field.
  • Step 8: Now enter the password of APPLE ID credentials.
  • Step 9: Now go the settings > General> Devices Management” and execute the app and Press on “Prepare For jailbreak.”

Now, wait for a couple of minutes to install the Cydia from Home screen.

First, you need to reboot and tap on” Kickstart Jailbreak”.

Please note once the app is going to expire you need to install it again Cydia emulator.

./OF32 [kernelcache_location]

Developers use all tools which already supported 32-bit devices. Some of the users find this quite difficult, so we have given some tools to use for your on-devices.

Download SHOFF – On- devices Kernelcahe Decryptor +Offsets Finder

If still you are confused to use the terminal, so you must not touch the interface of such tools. If you are not able to use such a tool then it is fine some advanced users and developers use it.


Hope this article would have given you tons of information on OF32 Offset. In case you are not able to download it and want more information please write to us in the comment section so then we can try to give more information. Thank you.