Download iPastore for iOS

There are many times when we need to download some applications and games for fun but they aren’t available on the Google Play Store or the Apple store in specific. As we are considering apple devices in particular here, so we need some kind of new invention to download and experience few games and applications we can’t download through the normal phone’s store.

And from here a new subject comes into action iPastore. We all have heard the word jailbreaking mainly joined to the Apple devices, so what is jailbreaking? As it is attached to the concept of iPastore it needs clarification too. Jailbreaking permits root access to iOS which in turn allows installation of software that is unavailable on the official App store.


Although few consider it a crime while the others don’t mind to use technology this way but the company Apple, itself disapproves the jailbreaking process as it can cause instability of the device. The latest jailbreak-able iOS version is iOS 11.4.1 with its new tools as Electro and Uncover.

The jailbreaking process adds the unofficial app installer to the device which is a permission to download the third-party apps, extension and tweaks. Hence, we start the description of iPastore.


  • iPastore has the ability to download and install the third packages, tweaks and also you can download modified apps, games and applications but for all of this the device must be jailbroken (which is already explained) and that too free of cost.
  • It consumes less memory on device when it comes to downloading and installing also it contains a greater number of apps than in the official app store.  
  • The most important part includes the signing of your own IPA files as an when desired, IPA files or the iOS App Store Package file is basically an iOS application file which is archived and holds an iOS app.
  • It includes a binary for ARM architecture and it can be only installed on an iOS device most of the files can’t be installed on the iPhone stimulator because of a nonexistence of a binary for x86 architecture.

Downloading iPastore on your device

  1. Launch Cydia (it is a package manager mobile app for iOS which will enable you to find and install software packages on jailbroken iPhone and other apple devices as it provides graphical user interface to jailbroken users using Advanced Packaging Tool repositories installing software’s) on the device and wait for the packages to refresh
  2.  Add the relevant source form Cydia.Go like Sources>Edit>Add as this will help you to get into the workflow and after the dialogue box appears add Cydia’s source address which you can get easily from any websites but for reference we suggest http:/
  3. Select add source to continue
  4. Once new source is refreshed, select it to view packages associated with it and then scroll till you get the option titled as “Supports iOS 11”
  5. Locate AppSyn Unified package & install the spring board will restart soon after this then head back to Cydia and search for ‘iPastore’ and go through usual install process
  6. Launch the iPastore and wait for the activation screen to load leaving it at that stage exit out of the app and head to the installed packages selecting the iPastore one and activate it through a link
  7. After you have tapped you will be redirected to the iPastore app and will be activated and ready for using it.