Download iOS 12.1.1 Beta 1 IPSW Links, OTA Without Developer Account

iOS 12.1.1 Beta 1, weighing approximately 150-160 MB, is constructed in 16C503036c on all compatible devices. This update also brings slight improvements and bug fixes like its predecessors.

For example, when trying to unlock the passcode instead of a Touch ID you will be greeted with a new animation. Furthermore, FaceTime’s live photo capture has made a come-back with that version.

iOS 12.1 Beta

As far as bugs are concerned, some users have notified the iOS 12.1.1 Beta1 while others have massive battery drain.

Installing iOS Beta OTA without Developer Account

  • On safari. Go to iOS 12.1 Beta 2 developer profile link.
  • Click the Download Button. A pop up will appear to install “iOS beta software profile.
  • Tap Install and restart your phone after that.
  • Now move to Settings>>General>>Software Update.
  • You will see the newest developer beta available there.
  • Tap on Download and Install.
  • The developer beta is installed on your device.

iOS Brings New Features

  • More emoji, Group FaceTime, eSIM features, real-time depth control for new iPhones, and a few other exciting snippets and fixes were showcased in the last update to iOS 12. Now, in the latest iPhone, iOS 12.1.1, Apple has brought back a couple of things that have been eliminated or made harder to access than in previous updates, and it also has a couple of new features to offer, though they are comparatively small.
  • FaceTime Live Photos Are Back Apple removed the FaceTime Live Photo option when iOS 12 was released— a strange move since the feature was just added to iOS 11. It was probably just forgotten as Apple pushed in order to get Group FaceTime to work. Fortunately, in FaceTime, Apple brought back the Live Photo shutter button, and it works just as it did before.
  • The first and only thing to keep in mind is that you and anyone else on a FaceTime video chat need to run either aniOS 11 or an iOS 12.1.1, not any 12.1 with “FaceTime Live Photos” switched on in the settings. In Group FaceTime chats, it also doesn’t work, so it’s just for one-on-one video calls.
  • Another odd thing in iOS 12 and iOS 12.1 is the on the screen-paced menu for an on-call call, Flip Camera & Mute is Easy Again in FaceTime. Your thumbnail image in iOS 11 was how you flipped the camera view, and on the screen, there was only a live photo shutter, an end call button, and a silent microphone button. That’s it.
  • With iOS 12, Apple added FaceTime camera effects as well as group chats, creating a new hidden menu to house everything. Unfortunately, there ended up a filter and mute buttocks, with only the camera effects button, the call end button and ellipsis (•••) in the hidden menu and your pictures, which did not flip the cameras, being the only thing on the call screen.
  • Now in iOS 12.1.1, the camera effects and end call and a mute, flip, and Live Photo button are included in the buttons you are seeing right now. You swipe over the menu to see more options instead of the ellipse. Now if Apple could make the buttons rotate, we would be good.
  • The iPhone XR Has Another Haptic Touch Trick Haptic Touch is a fairly half-cooked version of the iPhone XR 3D Touch that simulates the activities of a 3D Touch Scramble without a pressurized display. The problem is that the camera icons on the lock screen, the keyboard trackpad, the option “Clear All Notifications” and Live Photos are only imitated.
  • Haptic Touch, however, also includes notifications in iOS 12.1.1 so that you can immediately view them and interact. Now that Apple can add Quick Actions, Peek, Pop, Live Wallpaper support, and all else 3D Touch, Haptic Touch can’t do that.
  • While all its major competitors have had LTE capabilities for many years, Sprint is now finally also on board. Sprint Users, However, at present VoLTE, appears rather restricted, when all kinks are developed for certain markets only rather than nationally. The Samsung Galaxy was first enabled but with the iOS 12.1.1 update and the Sprint 34.5.5 carrier update it will be also available for iPhone 8 and above.