How to Download and Install vShare for iOS Devices without JailBreak

vShare is a best ever third party app store available for iOS and Android devices. It is an alternative to Cydia and can be downloaded without jail breaking your device. It provides FREE apps which are paid ones in the official AppStore. It was developed by Thinker Po. All users interested in applications, Games, Ringtone, Music, Videos should really try vShare once.

vshare for iOS

Features of vShare:

  • vShare is a totally free app where you can download apps for your iOS or Android device.
  • It supports a number of operating systems Android, iOS, MAC, Windows etc.
  • All the apps you see in it are available for free
  • vShare market also provides free games, music and other media content for free
  • There is no requirement of rooted Android device or jail broken iOS device.

Install vShare on an iOS device without jailbreak:

vShare can be installed in several devices. Here I will discuss how you can install it on your iOS device without jailbreak.

Initially, vShare could not be directly installed on the iPhone device. We required a Windows PC/MAC. For this we had to download vShare Helper on PC -> Connect phone to PC using USB Cable -> Install vShare on phone. But now it is possible to install vShare directly on the device. The computer is not required. But you can still go for that procedure if you wish to. It also works.

Now we will see here how to install vShare on the iOS device without a computer and without jailbreak. The process is very simple. There are 2 methods I am listing out here. You can go to any one of them.

Method 1:  Install by downloading vShare_iOS.ipa file – Works for iPhone 10/9/8/7

  1. Download iOS IPA file in your device
  2. Go to the Downloads folder and locate vShare_iOS.ipa file
  3. Open it and tap on ‘Install’ to install it on your device
  4. Download dialogue box comes up and taps on ‘Install’ again
  5. Wait for the installation to complete
  6. Now open the vShare iOS app on your device and download free apps.
  7. Note: When you install/open the app; iOS security might throw a security question. To solve this; go to Settings->Apps-> Click on “Trust this app”. This happens because this app is from the unsigned developer of Apple App Store.

Method 2: Install through Safari browser – Works for iPhone 6/6S/7/8/9

  1. Launch the Safari browser in your iOS device
  2. Go to the official vShare website
  3. Tap on “Download(Unjailbroken)”
  4. Then tap on ‘Install’ (Note: If you receive an error message while installing vShare, try closing all browser tabs and applications running in the background, then repeat the above steps 1 to 3 again. There is a chance that other apps and processes running in the background can interfere with the installation of vShare)
  5. Press the Home button and wait for vShare to complete installation
  6. Tap on vShare icon when the installation is  complete and enjoy apps for free
  7. Note: When opening the vShare app you will see “Untrusted Enterprise Developer – iPhone Distribution (…) has not been trusted on this iPhone. Until this developer has been trusted, their enterprise apps will not be available for use”  -> Tap on Cancel
  8. To solve the above problem: Press the Home button -> Go to Settings -> General -> Tap Profile    -> Search for the profile mentioned in Step 6 message. In some cases, it may be “Guangdon Adl…” or “Fujian Zheng…” or something different. The profile name can appear different for different users and different each time you install. -> Press Trust and Trust one more time.
  9. Go Back and open vShare once again
  10. Now vShare will open without any crash

Tip 1: If you are getting the message “Unable to Download app: vShare could not be installed at this time”; then tap done and wait. Sometimes the server is too busy. So try low traffic hours. Do not keep pressing ‘Retry’. Delete the vShare app. Wait for some time and start on Step 1.

Tip 2: If you get “Error Failed to contact the origin.” on follow the same instruction for the Tip 1.

Is it safe to use vShare?

The reason why vShare provides free apps is that a larger audience is reached. Though it can be considered illegal in one way; Apple has not taken any action against vShare. Users have no much complaints regarding vShare so far. Before getting uploaded to vShare site; apps go through a series of tests. So it must be safe to use them.

To conclude

vShare is a great alternative to the official AppStore. It is continuously being updated and you can definitely try out apps for free here before actually purchasing them.