Download and Install NFCWriter XS (iOS 11/12/13)

The NFCWriter XS are used for reading full memory tags and also write all types of tags. It also performs actions based upon the tags. The NFCWriter will not detect the low-frequency RFID tags as it can be used in this application with high-frequency NFC tags. The NFC in this stands for near-field communication and is designed to be a secure form of data exchange and an NFC device is capable of being both ab NFC tag and also an NFC reader. This can be useful in applications where you can emulate a message, the reader reads it and also reads it back in order to verify its contents.

NFCWriter XS for iOS

Download and Install NFCWriter XS

The NFCWriter XS for iOS 11/ 12/ 13 can be downloaded and installed by following the steps given below:

  • First of all download and install the tweak from Cydia.
  • Then after that add the following repo to Cydia.
  • Now you can download the NFCWriter XS Cydia tweak from the repo.
  • The NFCWriter will be downloaded on to your device.
  • Then you can follow the instructions given on the screen.
  • The installation will be complete after this within a few minutes.
  • You can now open and use the NFCWriter with amazing features on your iOS 11/ 12/ 13 respectively as it is ready to use and it can scan all the tags.

The steps mentioned above for downloading and installing NFCWriter XS for iOS 11/ 12/ 13 are quite simple and easy to follow, within few minutes NFCWriter XS is installed on to your device and is ready to use.

Note: The installation steps for getting NFCWriter XS Cydia tweak is on your NFC-enabled jailbroken iOS devices.

NFCWriter XS Features

The features of NFCWriter XS for iOS 11, 12, and 13 are as follows:

  • Read the most common tag types.
  • Write and copy the tags.
  • You can also read or write NDEF messages.
  • You can also manage and save the tags in one place.
  • Perform the actions based on the tag’s content.
  • You can scan tags in the background by using NFCWriter.
  • It also read EMV cards and MRTD documents.
  • It also serves as the tag from an iPhone to a remote iPhone and also emulates it remotely.
  • You can send commands manually to tags.
  • It can emulate tags with UID and NDEF message emulation.
  • Assign activator actions to be performed when a specific tag is detected in the background.

All these features are amazing that NFCWriter XS perfect for the iOS devices for 11/ 12/ 13 versions and you can enjoy it on your iOS devices.

Also, the steps for downloading and installing it is quite simple and easy without any hassle and you can then use the NFCWriter XS for your iOS device for reading and writing various types of tags. The NFCWriter XS is quite popular due to the outstanding features that it offers to its users and even the user interface is not so complicated and it can be used quite easily by the users without any hassle.