BLightAlert Cydia Tweak – Use Brightness as a Notification Alert

For the users of iOS missing an important notification, an alert is not the new thing, as the notification alert system is not that top-notch as compared to android. But thanks to one of the famous iOS developer Julio Verne for developing BlightAlert for solving this problem.

BLightAlert uses the backlight of your device’s display to give you alert of the notifications that you receive. As you install this tool on your device you will see that the brightness of the display changes rapidly from low high to low for a few seconds whenever there is notification alert your phone receives.


How Blightalert Works

Generally all of us got bored after listening to the same kind of notification alert regularly and we tend to change alert manually by ourselves, but don’t worry if you have a jailbroken iOS device then your problem is solved and by this tweaking tool you can easily alter you alert notifications and it will also increase and decrease of your device’s screen for few seconds whenever the new alert arrives and its developer Julio Verne also promised for providing regular updates with improved features.


Its uses the simple principle of replacing sound and vibration notification alert with the screen brightness effects, but that doesn’t mean that it has not more settings preferences as it will a preference panel in the settings menu of your device for providing various kind of customization for adjusting your screen brightness thresholds and many more options.

After installing this tweak, you can check out all its various customization from its settings menu. Albeit this tweak is available free of cost and it comes with a number of settings to customize the screen brightness as per your choice. Below we have given some of its customization options.

Here options like:

  • You can easily toggle the tweak on or off on demand
  • You can enable the tweak’s notification effect for all applications
  • You can configure an app whitelist for the tweak’s notification effect
  • Can able to use the rear-firing LED flash in conjunction with the display brightness
  • Can able to view a preview alert to see what your current settings might look like
  • Can easily configure the time duration of the notification effect
  • You can configure the speed of the notification effect
  • Can easily configure the range of the notification effect
  • You get the option to configure the minimum brightness of the notification effect
  • The option of setting up an Activator action to use with BLightAlert
  • If you want, you can reset all settings to their defaults

As a human we like things to be changed and if not all but large extent of customization in our hands and this kind of tweak offers the same as it offers various customizable options to tune up the notification alert of your iOS device and give you an illumination notification experience and all thanks goes to its developer Julio Verne for providing this extensive list of customizations. By this tweak, you will be able to find a difference between brightness and nuances.

How to download BLightAlert Tweak

As we mentioned above this tweak has been used to grab your attention towards notification you receive through twitching the screen brightness of your device, so in order to download this amazing tweak, you have to go and download it from Julio Verne’s Beta repository in Cydia. This tweak has compatibility with all jailbroken iOS devices of iOS 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

And one more thing about this tweak it is very beneficial for those users who often keep their devices on DO not Disturb Mode, and as it uses your screen brightness to switch your attention towards your notification, we highly recommend this for those users.


I hope you liked our article about BLightAlert tweak its features function and how to download it. So in order to use the amazing alert feature of this tweak please go and download it. It is completely free of malware and viruses so don’t worry about security as developers insure about providing an update regarding bugs and errors. Please feel free to share this amazing tweak with your friends & family and if you have any suggestions and queries related to it feel free to contact us.