How to Download and Install ACMarket app on Mac

ACMarket is a free mobile application that acts as a marketplace for tweaked and cracked applications and games. Although this utility was initially developed for Android users, it is now available on iOS, Windows and Mac OS.

Due to its Android heritage, there is a need to initially install an Android emulator in order to download and install it on Mac OS. It is recommended to use Blue Stacks to install the emulator.


Install ACMarket app on Mac

The following steps will assist the user in installing ACMarket on Mac OS:

  1. Go to to download the emulator for PC.
  2. Once the installation is complete, the icon appears on the screen. Open and run the emulator.
  3. Download the ACMarket apk for PC by clicking on “Download ACMarket apk for PC link.
  4. Once the download is complete, open the Blue Stacks emulator and search for ACMarket apk.
  5. Double click on the apk file and the installation begins.
  6. Once the installation is over, the ACMarket apk would appear on the PC. Launch the application installer by clicking on it.

Alternatively, users can also install it from the Mac OS App Store, which combines the download and installation in a single step. Click on the price located beneath the application’s star rating. Being a free application, the button will read ‘Get’. Click on the green “Install App” button and enter the Apple ID password when prompted. The application downloaded from the Mac App Store will automatically show up in launchpad.


The ACMarket application comes with a host of features and benefits as detailed below:

  • Since the ACMarket application is extremely lightweight, it requires less storage space.
  • The ACMarket apk is available in over 20 different international languages.
  • Response and download speeds provided by this application store is phenomenal.
  • The application comes with an App Request feature. This feature facilitates users to raise requests for applications that are not available in the store.
  • Users will get a memory cleaner and a virus scanner with ACMarket apk.
  • The application contains an Application Manager that tracks the history of the user’s activities on AC Market. This utility helps in locating the applications that have been installed from the store.
  • Since the store supports one-click download, it saves the user from navigating to the info screen to download any application.
  • Users can directly tap on the ‘Install’ icon button next to the application’s icon to download from ACMarket.
  • ACMarket has filters to help users locate applications quickly.
  • ACMarket for Mac OS is not supported by advertisements.
  • Registration is not required to use ACMarket for Mac OS.
  • There are no security issues with AC Market since every application is thoroughly scanned before hosting on the store.

ACMarket has become a highly popular tool for Mac users worldwide. With a large database of free applications and games, this application has become a standard for Mac users. With this application, jailbreaking the Mac OS device is not required.