Download GBC.emu Emulator for FOR iOS

The desire of removing stress from work and daily people tend to play online games or offline games depending upon their choices. With so many devices are being developed and are present around us which is either Android or ios or any other platform according to the user’s wishes the gameplay has improved drastically.

Various games are being launched to give people some time off from their busy schedule and relax their minds. There are millions of games to choose upon for any kind of situation or the type of mental relaxing that a user can pick from these days. Another great option in recent time is GameBoy games and this article is for those who want to play the games without jailbreak.


To play the game all you need to do is install the GameBoy colour emulator on any of the ios devices such as an iPhone or an iPad.

After installing the emulator you will be able to play all the games from GameBoy on your ios devices. The best thing about this emulator is that you don’t even need to connect to the pc.

Setting up GameBoy colour emulator on iOS devices

The first process is setting up the color emulator on your Apple device. This will let you install the emulator on your device with ease and quickly. Just download the emulator from the website and install on your device. But before anything is started make sure you must have google drive and zipapp available on your devices and these are available on iTunes if you don’t have it.

Steps to install the gameboy color emulator on iphone

  • To install the GameBoy color emulator on an iPhone open safari browser app and search official GameBoy color emulator app.
  • Touch on share the app button and add it to your home screen and rename the app with whatever you want to.
  • Now that it is added on your home screen you can now access it from the same place whenever you want to.
  • Now sign in to your google account and start playing the game using the home screen itself.
  • After signing in is completed then you can add the GameBoy games that you want to play on your device.
  • The games will be added in ROMS in your google drive account and every ROM will provide a GameBoy game to the color emulator.
  • After finishing the above steps tap on accept to finalize the color emulator on your device. Once done the screen will show to add games and then you follow these following steps to add games in order to play those games.

How to add ROMs to GameBoy color emulator

  • To add games to your emulator’s library open safari app on your device.
  • After that go to the GameBoy website where you will find plenty of ROMs on the URL. You can download these ROMs from the URL site, but if you want to download a particular game then you can do that too.
  • Select the search option available on the webpage and type in the name of the game and then you can select its ROM and download it.
  • Now open the downloaded ROMs by using ZippApp. Decompress the ROM and open .gb file.
  • Now click on open in the drive to open the .gb file in the drive.
  • Upload the file in the drive and then it is done.
  • Now open the GameBoy Emulator app from your home screen and you shall see the game there. Open it and enjoy.

These were the steps only for iPhones and iPads. The users will find this as very important to play the games of their choices on their devices.