Download Fily File Manager iPA for iOS 11

Fily is the file manger application. The apk is used mostly and the downloads of this apk is in large number for iOS devices. File managers are very important if you wish to view your files, manage them and open your documents in precise folders. If you are an iOS user hen this application can be very suitable for you. This file manager will be much easier and important as the original one does not have much functions. so this could be a good one for you.

The original file manager will not give you access to a number of things which you wish to use, so the need for another file manager comes. And Fily will prove to be very suitable for you.

Fily iPA

With the Fily you even get the feature of an inbuilt music player. This is an extra feature that you might not notice in other applications. So by using it you can easily create the playlists you wish to and you can even play your favorites when you wish to. Also using this you can easily create the playlists in your file manager itself. Also one more feature that is very important for you to know is that yo can import and export files using this application you can make use of the Drop Box, One drive, or any other storage platforms so that you can enjoy the sharing feature of this application on your devices. Also the files you save can be named according to your choice, you can even alter the sizes, types and data of the file.

As like in your PC and laptops you get the option of ”open as” and with this you can open your files with any program you want to. Similarly the Fily helps to open the files with the programs you wish to. You can use this file manager to share the files to Facebook apk. You can even use this to view your files  and search them. You don’t need to jailbreak your device for using this apk.

 Fily iOS iPA Download

App Description

Name: Fily, Fily iPA, Fily iOS File Manager

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod

iOS:  iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 11.1, iOS 11.2

iDevice: iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, iPad Mini 1, 2, 3 & 4, iPad 2, 3rd Gen, 4th Gen, iPad Air 1 & 2, and iPad Pro

Version: 1.1

Recent Update: Jun 28, 2017

Size 28.4 MB

AppStore: Unavailable, but can be downloaded from here.

 Fily iPA for iPhone ,iPod ,iPad App Features

Fily works similar to the other file managers. The biggest competitioons of the Fily are iFile, FilzaJailed, and Floppy Cloud. You might find some hidden features that yo wont get in the other file managers. These features are:
  • You can easily transmit your devices from iOS devices to other devices through Bluetooth or WiFi.
  • You can Rename, delete, manage, and move the files using the new file manager and that too very easily just by tapping.
  • With this file manager you get an inbuilt option with which you can extract the RAR files or you can easily make the RAR archives from files and folders.
  • You can easily store the notifications in a different folder in order to browse the content easily.
  • Some tracks are difficult to download but with this apk it becomes easier.  Thanks to this all-new file manager. You can now access the songs and all the music files you wish to directly in your storage.
  • This file manager is very easy to use and you are not required to jailbreak your device in order to take full control of our iOS device’s storage.
  • By using the Fily you can easily remove the apks that eat up your storage space and are of no use.
  • Fily can read all the files easily. You can easily read the MS Office, PDF, and other formats by using this apk. So,to use this you don’t need  to download any separate apk. This will do all your work very easily.

 Download Fily iPA

How to Install Fily iPA for iOS,iPhone,iPad,iPod without Jailbreak

You can follow the following steps so that you can download the apks easily. You can make use of the Cydia Impactor as well.

  • Your first step is to download the Fily iPA file from the link that you have searched.
  • After that download the Cydia Impactor.
  • Now your next step is to connect your device that is your iPhone,iPad or iPod to your Computer by a USB Cable.
  • Now you need to open the Cydia Impactor.
  • Now you have to go to the downloaded file, and drag it to the Cydia Impactor.
  • Now the software needs some of your data to work. So put your Apple ID username and pass.
  • Use any other apple ID, if that does not work.
  • Your app will start to install.

You might not be able to open the apk file even after downloading it. so for that follow these.

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Profiles (or “Device Management” / “Profiles & Device Management”)
  • Search your profile that is named with your Apple ID
  • Open it and tap on the Trust button

Now go back to the home screen and launch the app.