Download Facebook++ on iOS | Install Facebook IPA for iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreak

Facebook is by now a famous social media platform and almost half the population of the world can be found on it. It has some great features and simple interface, but there are rather serious reasons for its popularity. However, this article will guide you on how to install facebook++ on iOS and iPhone without tampering the security of the gadget. Proceed to know the details.


What is Facebook++

The creator of Facebook is Marc Zuckerburg and this platform was built on February 2004. Presently its users are more than 2 billion and that clearly shows how popular this social media is.

Facebook ++ is a tweak which we will guide you to add on your android gadget and you cannot find it on the Google play store or Apple app store. But how to save your device from jailbreak while using facebook++ will be described here.

Why you need a Facebook tweak

  • Facebook does have a few restrictions, like
  • You can share only up to 6 photos at a time.
  • You need to install a separate messenger app if you wish to chat through facebook.
  • The timestamp is visible only on the last chat message.
  • VoIP is enabled on facebook which drains the battery of your gadget.
  • Videos start automatically playing while you are scrolling the wall etc.

Now if some user wants to use facebook but does not wish to face these issues, then he may search for the tweak. Facebook++ does have all the features of the original facebook but is free from the restrictions, so you can enjoy it in a better way.

Facebook++ or FB++ is a modified version of regular facebook, and it provides all the facilities like in-app messenger, password protection, chat heads etc. as FB+ is created by a third-party developer, this app needs t bypass the protection of true facebook and unlocks more features that are restricted by the original social media.

What you can do with it

After installing facebook++ on your device you can download videos from facebook wall and also prevents the streaming ads that come between the videos. Unlocked features of the original facebook are the dream of many facebook account holders, thus they can do whatever they want with this social media platform.

What you need to get facebook++

  • If you own a Mac computer, then it must have Mac OS X, and if it is a Windows one, it should have 10/8.1/8/7/XP.
  • As it is a third party developed tweak, Cydia impactor or Xcode7 is needed to sideload iPA files.
  • Facebook iPA files need to be downloaded.
  • iDevices should be connected to the computer through a data cable.
  • Strong and active WiFi connection
  • The computer should have Tweakbox, AppValley etc. third party app stores.

Features of facebook++

  • It can disable VoIP.  This way it will sort the problem of battery drainage, which is good news to all the android users.
  • The Message timestamp is there on every message, while the original facebook provides it on the last chat message only.
  • Facebook provides only popular news feeds, whereas facebook ++ brings to you the latest news feeds.
  • Facebook ++ provides you chatting facility within the app, and you need not download any separate app for the chatting.
  • You can send or share an unlimited number of images via facebook++ whereas in facebook the number is limited to only 6.
  • The newsfeed videos can be downloaded and seen when you are offline.
  • It is completely safe as you can lock it with touch ID and four-digit passwords.

How to download Facebook++

  • First, download the tweakbox for your android device, the link is available on net.
  • Now open tweakbox and go to the tweaked app section, find facebook++ and click on it.
  • Install it on your device.
  • When you will try to install facebook++ a few notifications will show up. Click for the “api.tweakbox would like to install facebook++”, click on it to agree.
  • Give it time to complete the process, and when the “done” dialogue box appears, click on it.

If you are downloading this apk on your laptop or Mac, then you need to download Cydia impactor in place of tweakbox and download facebook IPA from any link available on net.

  • Now by connecting your iPhone or iPad, check the device name on the Cydia impactor page of your laptop.
  • Drag the facebook IPA from the screen of the laptop to Cydia impactor.
  • Now click on Apple and password after which the installation process will start, by putting the apple ID the facebook IPA will be sideloaded.