Download: Cydia Eraser iOS to Remove Jailbreak on iPhone

Downloading  Application on your Smartphone’s for each and every task has been a trend for a while. You desire to have application for every little functionalities and entertainment. Apps are designed and developed as per the operating system on which we are going to use them. But sadly if you are using an Apple device then you will have only access for a limited number of applications.

Being an iOS user if you are looking for downloading the third-party application then you need to jailbreak your device on it. And if you are going to jailbreak your device it may cause a security threat to your iOS device. So it is always preferred to use those applications only which do not require any jailbreak procedure.


But still you already have jailbreak your device and now wanted to remove it; you can easily go ahead with the help of Cydia Eraser Tool. Cydia Eraser Tool is an excellent tool which enables you to erase jailbreak from your device. In this technical guide, today we will tell you about this new tool named Cydia Eraser.

Cydia Eraser Features :

Some of the main benefits of Cydia Eraser is mentioned below:

1) Cydia Eraser is known for removing Cydia from your iOS devices without harming the current iOS version.

2) If you want you can download and use cyndia again once it is removed completely b Cydia Eraser.

3) Cydia helps you to retain warranty of your apple device,even if you take you iOS device to nearest Apple Service center or want to sell iOS device,no trace of cydia will be found if you have used Cydia Eraser.

4) You can directly install Cydia Eraser on your iOS device and remove Cydia no external device required.

Steps to Download and Use Remover to Remove Jailbreak :          

Step 1:

 Open the Cydia application on your device

Step 2:

Now on the bottom of your screen you will be able to see the option called sources

Step 3:

You will be asked to enter the source there just add the URL  on the provided space and click add.

Step 4:

Install Remover package from this repo then click on the file button to trust it.

Step 4:

Now you will see Eraser app without any icon, click on it twice.

Step 5:

After clicking twice on eraser app ,You have to select your jailbreak from the list and have to run it by pressing the delete all the jailbreak button. 

Note : If attempt is unsuccessful at first then retry after re booting your device

Step 6:

There is one more optional way but highly recommended.When previous all step is followed and done.

  • Just open the setting option on your phone, then navigate to General. In the general scroll down you will get an option to reset.
  • In reset, select Erase all content and settings.
  • Doing this you will clean up all the temp files from your device.

Now You will be able to successfully remove jailbreak from your iOS device. Thank You !!!