Download Apps Larger Than 150MB Over Cellular Data on iPhone or iPad

Cellular connections can now be as quick— if not more rapid — than conventional Internet providers. This, combined with the prevalence of unlimited data plans, is less apprehensive to download anything from a Wi-Fi network. But try installing an app or updating more than 150 MB and the iPhone will insist on switching to Wi-Fi. This is not very fair, we believe, but here is a solution.

In recent years, Apple has introduced a cellular network data cap for app downloads. You should wait until the iPhone or iPad is linked to the Wi-Fi network whenever the app is higher than 100 MB in size.

You can appreciate it because the company has been confronted with people that can not comprehend when mobile data is used by their devices and therefore their mobile bills are potentially sky high.

Apple managed to push things up with the release of iOS 11. This has now been upgraded to 150 MB rather than a 100 MB download limit. However, some of us do not have regular access to a Wi-Fi network. Fortunately, you can bypass the 150 MB restriction with a clever workaround.

Bypass the 150MB download restriction on cellular

You will want to make absolutely sure that the app is fully prepared to download before starting. The app needs to be launched from the App Store to do this. This indicates that the app you would like to download is to be acquired via the App Store.

  • Tap on the Get button from there and verify with either your Face ID or the password of your App Store.
Tap on App Over 150 MB on App Store on iPhone or iPad
  • A message is issued that states “this item is over 150 MB” and “cannot download until you connect to Wi-Fi.” Don’t be afraid because this is a matter that can be circumvented. Just tap, OK, then head to your home screen.
Tap on OK To Download App Over 150 MB on iPhone using Mobile Data

It is not obvious why there is such a cut-off limit for cellular data downloads from the App Store. Yes, you probably won’t be able to pass your data cap, but that’s not inherently an Apple feature. The warning of 150 MB probably depends not only on the carrier and plan you have but on the region in which you are. Instead, it could even be about 100 MB. There are no restrictions on some users.

This is important as most carriers do not offer unlimited data plans for your iPhone. If you exceed your data limit, wireless carriers can charge overage fees. And these charges can be costly. More than 20 per cent of Verizon customers has reported, for example, having paid an overall charge over the last six months, according to a recent survey.

Users can use a lot of bandwidth with 4G / LTE connections. Fortunately, iOS 9 lets you set mobile data limitations easily. These iOS 9 settings help you to use the maximum amount of data you want.

You can control the use of your data with proper configuration. So overhead fees can be avoided. When you are restricted, make sure that you disable or are not connected to a network with your Wi-Fi connection. Yeah, if you read that because you have an alarm, it is probably true.

How to Download Apps Larger Than 150MB without WiFi in iOS 12

Usually, the application icon will be shown on your home screen until you connect to Wi-Fi when you attempt to download an app over 150 MB. When the icon comes up, you’re ready and can follow the following step:

  • Open your iPhone Settings app or iPad.
  • Go to General.
Tap on Settings then General on iPhone or iPad
  • Select the Date & Time tab.
Tap on Date & Time in iPhone Settings
  • Switch ‘Set Automatically‘ to Off.
Turn Off Set Date and Time Automatically on iPhone or iPad
  • Tap the Date.
  • Use the wheel to move the date by 2-3 days.
Set Forward Date on iPhone or iPad to Download App Over 150MB Over Mobile Data
  • That’s done!
  • You may need to wait a little longer until the download has been finally started after you have changed the date. Moreover, you would see the progress bar inside the tinted app icon when you go into the home screen and wait.
  • The app will be downloaded as usual from there. As expected, it takes longer to download bigger data files and you can work from your mobile network.
  • That means that it takes a long time to download an app such as Fortnite or PUBG. However, other applications, such as Facebook or the Apple App, should be downloaded rather fast.
  • Open Settings and Go to General > Date & Time Set Automatically to On After this is completed, Apple’s download limit is successfully bypassed. It is only recommended to use it sparingly because it is fed into your mobile data limits.

Of course, you don’t have to download PUBG or Fortnite on your mobile system. It’s worth waiting for you to download these popular new games on the wireless Internet.