How To Download AppCentral for iOS on iPhone

Downloading  applications on the iPhone has always been the most talkative issue in the town compared to open source Android platform which provides you with almost every application for free. Downloading Application on your Smartphone’s for each and every task has been a trend for a while.

You desire to have application for every little functionality or for entertainment. You always want to explore every feature provided by the applications to make your life easy.


Installing applications from App store is common for iOS device user. There are numerous application available on App store some of them are Free to use and some of them are Paid ones. It is often seen that people shown more interest in downloading  application from third party applications instead of paying for the application up front on App Store.

We can find number of third party apps store to download premium application for free. But the fact is that it requires Jailbreak for your device.Jailbreaking the device can may effect the performance of your device.

According to the research most of the iOS users are using third party application like vShare, Appvalley or TuTuapp and facing several issues while trying to access applications like Instagram ++ or Whatsapp ++ common of them all is certificate revocation error and automatic date and time setting error.So,we are here to talk about amazing third party application AppCentral to run various Premium application for free on iOS for Iphone.

AppCentral does the same job which is done by some other third party applications like Appvalley ,Vshare or TuTuApp but in some advance way with minimum error.AppCentral Provides you easy access to the paid application with a single click you will be able to download and install your favourite Premium application.

Some of the Listed Feature of AppCentral on iOS for Iphone:

1) Very Simple and user friendly to download premium application,apps can be downloaded with a single click.

2) AppCentral is secure to download and won’t effect the performance of your iOS Device.

3) One of the main feature of AppCentral is that  the app updates will be notified and you can be done manually on time.

Some of the Top Premium Application Available on AppCentral :

1) SoundCloud ++

2) Saavn ++

3) Spotify Premium Free

4) Napster ++

5) NBA ++

Simple Steps To Download AppCentral on iOS for iPhone


Open Safari browser on your iOS device and enter the URL and hit go.

Note – wait for page to get loaded ,Hit reloaded until page gets loaded

STEP  2:

Once the page gets loaded you have to click on the Square box with an arrow, which can be seen on the center bottom of safari browser.


Now,you will see a pop up with add to home screen,click on it window slides up and on to the next screen, you can name the shortcut icon as AppCentral and click on Add.


Now you have successfully added AppCentral on your home screen and it can be seen on your home screen itself.


You can open AppCentral from Your Home screen Search your Favorite Application and hit Download & Install and you are good to go.