Downgrade to iOS 11.3 [Beta 5/6] Without BLOBS for Electra Jailbreak

The mobile operating system of the Apple — iOS — runs devices for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Initially known as the iPhone OS, the name was then changed with the introduction of the iPad.

It has a multi-touch interface that uses simple gestures such as swapping your finger across the screen or pinching your fingers to zoom. In the Apple App Store, there are over 2 million iOS applications.

Since the first iOS release on the iPhone in 2007, much has changed. The iOS was originally designed for iPhone operation. It has been extended since then to support the Apple Watch and the iPad (and even Apple TV versions). With iOS 11, the focus shifted to the iPad from the iPhone.

Sure, iOS 11 contains many improvements to the iPhone, but it focuses on turning the models of the iPad Pro series into legitimate laptop substitutions for certain users. This is done through a series of changes that have made the iOS much more like an operating system on the desktop on an iPad.

You can download the beta right now if you are a developer or public beta tester with a true setup profile. Tap on “Software Update,” then follow the on-screen instruction to download and install iOS 11.3 beta 5 on your iPhone and click on the “Update Software” button.

Although this fifth beta appears to be without major features, iOS 11.3 marks an important update for Apple and iOS. The company has added a range of new features, such as new iPhone X Animoji, iCloud messages, and imports from the health app.

In response to charges that the company deliberately slowed down older iPhones, Apple added more battery health information and power throttling controls. Apple admitted to throwing older iPhones ‘ CPUs, when it felt that the batteries were too degraded, but simply in the customer’s interests. The iPhone maker nonetheless excused the lack of transparency and committed itself to correct the situation with iOS 11.3.

Full list of alterations in the iOS 11.3 Beta 5

  • The control centres are darker now.
  • The saturation of wallpapers has risen. 
  • Apple Music Lyric Search Explain New photos screen. 
  • In the Photos “Share Across Devices” screen time, new icons will switch to media type albums. 
  • Use Screen Time passcode above button (similar overall location) instead of the bottom.  Family members removed from Screen Time (Apple ID > Family Sharing still available).
  • The third-party data source list of the Apple Watch app is pared down. 
  • Smaller text on all notifications for clearing. Beta designation lost to battery health.
  • Modify the size of the Stock Widget. 
  • The Share Sheet icon has a ring around the home button when setting wallpaper on non-iPhone X. 
  • News app icons have been upgraded. 
  • New feedback about iPhone X when all apps in App Switcher are closed.
  • The new imagery from AirPods shows up a new design change, perhaps a new Qi charging case. New feedback.
  •  FaceTime has new tones for connect / disconnect

The modified text reads in the HomePod Personal Requests Setup: “Allow everyone to send and read messages using this HomePod, add reminders, create notes, make telephone calls and more with the iPhone when connected to the same Wi-Fi network.”

This guide shows how to downgrade to iOS 11.3 Beta 6, which basically is iOS 11.3, from iOS 11.4 and iOS 12 Beta 1. For some strange reason, Apple still signs iOS 11.3 beta 5 and beta 6 but does not publicly announce it. These betas do not appear on the Apple Developer Portal that developers usually download from. Apple will soon close the beta signature window when it becomes widespread so that if you want your device downgraded right now.


  • We will receive iOS update notifications frequently after downgrading to iOS 11.3 beta 5/6, please downgrade at your own risk
  • This flash does not retain the data; before any changes are made, you are recommended to save your device.

So here are the necessary steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: Download iOS beta from the website of iPhonewiki.

Step 2: Please refer to this tutorial if you don’t know how to enter DFU mode, and then enter your device into DFU mode.

Step 3: Navigate toFlash & Jailbreak-> Pro Flash-> Import Firmware, select a firmware on Step 1, click ‘Flash.

How to Downgrade to iOS 11.3 (B6) Without SHSH2 Blobs? (For Electra Jailbreak)

A popup will come, read the content and then click “Yes”

How to Downgrade to iOS 11.3 (B6) Without SHSH2 Blobs? (For Electra Jailbreak)

Step 4: Do not unplug your device and wait for 5 to 10 minutes patiently. You can turn on your device after the flash process is completed and wait for the jailbreak of Electra. This is iOS 11.2 -11.3.1 jailbreak’s latest condition.

How to Downgrade to iOS 11.3 (B6) Without SHSH2 Blobs? (For Electra Jailbreak)