DeleteElectraRC – Wipe RC1.x from iOS

DeleteElectracRC has been recently launched and the developer named as Killy. It is an uninstaller to remove the leaked version of ElectraRC1. This is for your kind information that the developer examines its RC4 version for Electra Jailbreak.

The main objective of this Apk is to stop up users to use the leaked RC1.x IPA file from upgrading. This is for prior information that the Coolstar is soon going to use DRM system for the coming RC4 version of Electra because this new version going to block the leaked version RC1.x IPA files.


This is not mandatory to remove it but will definitely suggest you to remove it.

Download and Install DeleteElectraRC

Necessary things are required for installing the DeleteElectraRC.

  • A desktop with windows
  • iPad, iPod, iPhone touch
  • Internet connection

Steps to install DeleteElectraRC to remove RC1.X

Step 1: The 1st step is using the authenticated site to download the ZIP package.

Step 2: You can remove the Builtin Zip of windows 10 or you can remove contents using 7 Zip also.

Step 3: Remove below mention files from the folder by installing Filza escaped file manager on your apple devices.

  • Bootstrapped_electra
  • Cydia _no_stash
  • Electra RC1

Step 4: To install the tool you need to press double on DeleteEectraRC2.0.exe file. Your antivirus might be pop up on your application to not to install but you can disable your antivirus for a short time.

Step 5: It can easily connect to your device by itself because it has loaded with its own version of WinSCP. The only thing you need to check the port values are in the tool or not and set the default IP address

  • IP: Wifi IP address (enable IP address by changing the settings)
  • Port: 2222 
  • UN: root
  • PW: alpine

Step 6: When all the values are in the right place you need to click on the start button once it has been initiated then it clean up the procedure and delete Electra RC1 from Your iOS.

Step 7: This is an optional you can remove Cydia via Filza on your device.

Step 8: Now you need to install the iTerminal app from the app store.


Hope this article helps you a lot to understand about DeleteElectraRC. We have described you here how it works and installation process. If you are using Cydia still you can remove it now. Hope this article is brief to you and in case any doubt please write to us in the comment section below.