Creamy – iOS 11 Passcode Keypad Style on iOS 10

As for iOS 11, one of the first things the fans notice after upgrading their iDevice to the new operating system installed on the keyboard is redesigned code. Today we will share a new jailbreak tweak for you.

The new password keyboard is among the first things you will notice on an iOS device 11. The access code buttons now have a gradient background instead of a stroke-like in iOS 10. It is not a revolutionary change, but that’s the beauty of having a jailbroken device – you can use the multitude of settings available to customize it to your liking.

iOS 11 Passcode Keypad

The tweak that allows us to mimic the iOS 11 passcode keypad is called Creamy (iOS 10). Although this will change the keyboard design of the access code as soon as you install it, tweak a preferences pane in the Settings app, where you can change a few options.


How Creamy Works

  • iOS 11 has several tons of new enhancements to the user interface. Apple stole many of the new features in iOS Cydia tweaks 10. However, some changes to the user interface were original and deserved credit.
  • Are you already having tickly iOS features 11? If so, then cream is the Cydia tweak you need.
  • Creamy keyboard code Cydia tweak iOS port 11 to 9 and 10. Although it is an involved tweak, it is a good starting point for those looking to add functionality to iOS 11.
  • It is technologically advanced by ijapija00, the most hated tweak creator in the jailbreak community.
  • In the preferences pane tweak, you can turn on and off as needed. Besides, there is an option called “Use the lightest cream.” It is useful is that you have a background of the darker screen from 10 iOS automatically darkens the background of the lock screen, and it could become too dark.
  • However, if you use lighter wallpaper, you can use the black default mode.
  • Creamy (iOS 10) mimics the iOS keyboard code 11, and even if they are not 100% the same, they are not easy to tell apart, also if you look together.

The description of Lock app for iOS 11

Apple’s lock screen is a screen Locker extremely secure password to enhance the security of your phone. Lock Screen is beautiful, confident, and customizable. Apple screen lock to protect your phone against unwanted access by third parties, and you’re instantly more productive. It is an excellent application productivity and companion locker for your life every day.

When you open the application, you will see some settings that allow you to customize the locker of your Android phone. With the main options, you can enable and disable the lock screen iOS 11. You can activate it whenever you need it and can disable here again. You can get notifications on your lock screen in the same way that iOS is available in the locker. You can open notifications from your lock screen.

Also, once you turn on the style of the lock screen iOS X, you will have access to the control centre on the top of the screen. You can control a lot of things here, such as flashlight, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings, brightness, and much more.

Passcode shows locker notifications about missed calls and new messages. You can click on the notification to call or answer a text message.

Lock Screen Notifications

It makes your phone looks like a real phone more than the application of the lock screen with an iOS-style OS 9, SO10 style. The password lock screen is one of the best lock screens as iOS style. Access code to the lock screen: simple, secure, pleasant, and very safe.

Touch ID

  • Strongly simulate Phone
  • Enable/disable the sound.
  • Lock screen fingerprint for IOS 6.
  • Lock screen iOS 11
  • iOS lock screen keyboard.
  • Notifications of the iOS lock screen.
  • iOS lock screen.
  • iOS password style.

If you need iOS code 11, you can download Creamy (iOS 10) free from the BigBoss repo for Cydia.

What do you think of iOS redesigned keyboard 11 of the access code? Will you be on your iOS device 11 or the subtle changes not worth the effort?