COKERNUTX on iOS – Tweaked Apps and Games

Today the maximum iPhone users wonder how to download  and install the very popular games and app which are not easily available on the Apple store with result of which most of the users got their recent searches in the browsers stacked up with the very search results of the methods to download and install the apps with other easy convenient alternative ways.

Today the most followed tracks used by the iPhone users follow to install such apps is jailbreaking but not everyone goes to jailbreak for apps and games because the other easiest solution to download the app without jailbreaking your iOS device is the COKERNUTX.


Cokernutx is an alternative which any iPhone user can look up to in order to install the apps and games for free. The Cokernutx is basically a third-party app store that has its inventory filled with the collection of not only the latest tweaked apps but also the popular games that one user cant easily finds on Apple store.

Today the Cokernutx has almost 1 million users using it to download and install the tweaked apps and games not only it is considered the third party app but also the full-fledged access to tweaked apps, paid apps, and games all for free available in the market.

The Cokernutx has got an asset of many amazing features that an individual user can enjoy and love using, some of the features of Cokernutx are-

  • ITS COMPLETELY FREE – This is a free app and a user don’t need to subscribe or pay for it.
  • OFFERS MYRIAD OF APPS – This app has more than 5k apps and games available including the ++ apps.
  • SSL ENCRYPTION – This third party app-store uses the standard SSL encryption in delivering the applications.
  • COMPATIBILITY-  The app supports various devices. The iOS 8+ iterations support this application like ios 12, ios 121, ios122, ios Ti, ios 10/9and ios 8 + devices. So one user can install the app on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch also on the latest iPhone X and iPhone XS devices.
  • Best is no jailbreak needed the app doesn’t require to jailbreak your device to install the apps from it.


  1. One user needs to launch the Safari browser and “ Download this  COKERNUTX   MOBILE CONFIGURE FILE “ and this will come up with this website is trying to open the setting to show a configuration profile message. click allow.
  2.  Now install by tapping on “install”.
  3. The user can see the warnings on his/ her device that displays  “The website is trying to open the settings show a  configuration profile “ message now user should click “allow” and continue.
  4. A wizard appears on the screen install that by clicking the install button that appears on the top side right access.
  5. Confirm the prompt by clicking “install “again.
  6. Enter the passcode of the device.

The install option appears again tap it and hit the “done” option to complete the process.

Now its there on the user phone and an individual starts enjoying the apps and games for free. Many apps like *spotify++ *snapchat++ *media box * Minecraft * Moviebox to name a few and many more interesting apps and popular games that are one may not get at the Apple store but through Cokernutx it’s easy to install.

Thus today there are many apps that help one to install the games for free but Cokernutx has many additional features that help the users to download the apps and games rapidly and securely and the best part for any iPhone user they do it for free and without jailbreaking.