How to change IMEI number on iPhone without Jailbreak

The full form of IMEI number is International Mobile Equipment Identity or in short IMEI number. It is unique and is used as an identity for 3GPP and iDEN mobile phones or satellite phones. It identifies only the device with no connection to the subscriber and has a fifteen-digit number which identifies the device within the mobile network.

The number is used by GSM network which identifies valid devices and therefore is used for stopping stolen phones from accessing network in the nation.


It can be displayed on the screen by entering #06# into the keypad and usually it works for almost all the phones including iPhone as well. The numbers are hard coded into the device’s hardware, making it almost impossible to change without the damage that can be done to the device. To check your IMEI number on your iPhone first go to the phone settings and then selecting the general option in the ‘about’ field find the iPhone IMEI.

In some iPhone check the IMEI number on the sim card tray or in some models the number is engraved on the back cover it will be a bit same as IMEI number without the last digit.

The process to change the IMEI number is as follows:

  1. Dial the usual #06# as to confirm your phone’s IMEI number which works as a mandatory step
  2. Download the Ziphone PC Tool and extract the same on your PC too
  3. Switch off your phone now as it requires booting same to the recovery mode so to get that zone in press the sleep/wake and power button simultaneously and hold it until the apple logo appears on the screen
  4. Now release the pressed buttons and post a few moments iTunes logo with cable that will appear on your screen
  5. Connect the phone with PC via a USB cable
  6. On the PC launch the folder that you have extracted the contents in second step press the shift button with right click and tap on ‘Start Command Prompt Here’ option
  7. Type Ziphone with hitting enter on the command window which will appear
  8. Now it’s the time to type the IMEI number of your wish
  9. With this you have successfully changed the IMEI number of the iPhone and your phone will reboot now and as soon as the home screen comes you are eligible to verify the IMEI number by dialling it with the same procedure told before

Ziphone tool is a free, open source and all-in-one jailbreak/unlocking tool for iPhone touch. It makes use of the Ramdisk Hack and the developers warns the users not to upgrade to iPhone 2.0 firmware when it’s made available.

It is the most popular tool for automatically jailbreaking and unlocking iPhone which has been latest updated to version 3.0. the new release is available to both the mac and windows versions and cam do it from any convenient site got.