BlurryLS Cydia Tweak – Add Blur Effect to iOS 10 Lockscreen

As we are now getting more and accustomed with iOS 10 version of the android, we get to see the new features and we know how to deal with them. Mostly we love all the new features and techniques. But sometimes we are not that must satisfied and easy with the new processes and tends to miss iOS 9 features.

iOS 10 is all good with the most stylish and useful features. However, when we feel that the old-style iOS 9 is missed we try to incorporate some old school features of iOS 9 in our modern gadgets. That is why we need BlurryLS tweak.

BluryLS Cydia Tweak

As the name suggests we can get that this tweak will keep your screen blur. Now to go into deep, this means every time you get a notification your screen will be blurred. This tweak has been developed by the famous Tweak developer Antique Dev.

The blurring effect after arriving of the notification is a typical feature of iOS 9. We need to fit this feature into the iOS 10 android system and that is why we need this tweak for.

However some users say that the notification part is only blurred by this tweak but if the whole screen and not only the notification part is blurred, then the effect would be better. So if you are waiting for that to happen, stay connected. Antique Dev is coming up with the updated version of this tweak which will have that feature too.

How to download BlurryLS tweak:

We are seeing lots of productive and high-quality tweaks coming from Antique Dev. Although BlurryLS is a minor enhancement, you can expect it to do the job that it is good at and built for. You can download BlurryLS on Antique Dev’s Cydia repository for free. It is compatible with iOS 10.


 Why it is required:

  • This can be the case when you do not need to see the notifications as you are in work and you get on distracted every time a notification arrives at your mobile. This can be a distracting situation when you are trying to do the job seriously and yet the notifications are stealing your attention. So this tweak will help you work with more attention and quality big your work will surely get better.
  • Another point of the requirement for this tweak is it helps you see the home screen of your mobile clearly. You have applied the chosen theme or image for the home screen and that is always hidden under various notifications is not a good thing to see. This tweak will make the home screen of your mobile look better and tidy.
  • The most important fact is by using this tweak you will be able to use less battery power and the charge of Mobile will be used sparingly. The charge will last longer in the case if you use this tweak.
  • There will be a possibility to see to time and date and other regular features that are normally available to see on the home screen. Due to the excessive notification, we can barely get to see the home screen and other options present there.
  • In most cases, you may have seen that the phone is laid at the desk while you are not there. You can be elsewhere busy at meeting or taking a sip of coffee. The phone gets the notification and all of them are open wide before the eyes of nosy intruding colleagues. If the notification gets blurred there will not much to see for them and thus your privacy will be kept intact.
  • If you are at home then also you may not like to see the notification all the time that keeps coming incessantly. Using this tweak will help you to guard against them by blurring the notifications from your view.

User feedback

Most of the users complain that they could hardly see any difference in their mobile home screen after or before the application of this tweak. This may be the case when one does not understand the working process of this tweak.

This one needs registration before you get to use this tweak. This is a necessary part of using this tweak. This is a free tweak and is smart at its work. People mostly loved it for its feature. This is not a very wide known tweak but is competent in its work.