BlackOutCC Cydia Tweak – Dark Mode for Control Center

Blackout CC Tweak really controls the centre and makes it black. It is an amazing tweak as compared to others. So to enable this tweak on your device you need to press the button where you can hide the status bar in the control centre and here you can get various buttons where you can allow the black control centre. You can also allow black folders and hide all pages and folders which appear as a blur.

BlackOutCC Cydia Tweak

BlackOut CC Cydia is another tweak. The main objective of this tweak is to get the original dark mode mainly control centre. There are tons of “system-wide” dark modes and night mode tweaks for iOS 11 but this BlackOut CC tweak gives you real dark mode to your control centre. This tweak has been developed by Smoking1337.

Most users really don’t like dark mode. From your settings, you can choose the stock look with option black background. If you already been installing this application you can customize the options from your settings.

BlackOutCC Cydia Tweak

You should install this tweak for your system-wide night mode. Not only it tweaks the dark and night mode but battery consumption also less in your iPhone X. Easy to hide status bar from the control centre if you not looking for dark mode.

It is now available to download on smokin133’s Cydia repo. It can work with iOS11.

Even with better organized it also has some specific demerits– It takes little time to close the control centre.  The black background stays there for a very short time once you swipe down on the CC.

How does it Work

We know there are tons of “system-wide” dark and night mode tweaks available for iOS 11 but in the control centre, none of them is able to modify and make in dark mode. Hence this new jailbreak known as BlackOut CC has been launched to solve such issues which can solve your dark mode problem and avails in iOS11 control centre only you need to choose following things for Real night mode-

  • You need to enable the option of a dark background
  • Need to hide the status bar on BlackOut CC.
  • BlakOut CC will be allowed you for completely dark all toggles


Well thank you for reading this article and we hope you are clear your all doubts and this amazing jailbreak tweak will help you a lot. So no needs to wait so long just install this BlackOut CC on your iPhone devices. Hope you like this article and please don’t forget to visit our site. In our site, you will get update daily and all helpful articles which will clear your doubt.  In case you are facing any trouble please write on the comment section below.