BioProtect XS (iOS 12/13)

Android devices are prone to be affected by various kinds of viruses. Owners of Android phones use to open lots of sites which sometimes are not safe. It is difficult to tell which sites can possibly have malware. So it is wise to use some protection measures to keep the android device safe.

When it comes to using stylish protection measures, no app can beat BioProtect XS. This app protects the iOS 12 or 13 devices which are jailbroken. Many APKs and MOD apks need the device to be rooted. Once that is done, your device will be prone to virus attack. Also, the privacy of the device becomes questionable. So the smartphone users must use BioProtect XS to get the best protection shield for their devices. It is not the only security providing app in the market, but it has grown popular because of its security tweaks.


BioProtect XS Features:

  • Adding protection with style, that is the motto of BioProtect XS. It will take care of all the applications within your device and no unnecessary software will be able to damage your phone. You need to authenticate the software to enter your iOS system and make any change. The authentication can be done via face ID or touch ID so that is a full-proof secure method. There is password protection ability too if the device does not contain the touch ID system.
  • The application launch events are checked by BioProtect XS and if the app is listed as blocked one, it will never allow that app to be installed or many changes until you allow it by using your face or touch ID. You will be able to process the app to protect the applications, folders, and settings panes.
  • There is a process to set a password as the alternative measure for protection. This password need not be the same one as the device‚Äôs password as it will be better if you choose some other password for this security app.
  • Once you download this app on your device, you will have a list of options that will help you to configure the settings.  The options will be like toggling the protection on or off, allowing the vibration when any malware is detected, selecting the unlock session, touch ID and passcode settings,  configuring home screen, applications, control center, and power down, SIM unlock Siri protection, customizing the alert title and many more.
  • This app does not slow down the actual activity of your device. In fact, it rather allows you to work in a smoother and faster way. You can get this app on various websites, just download it and make your personal mobile a secure place.