Best VPNs with dedicated IPs

Internet is the most basic necessity of life in today’s era and its connectivity to every household is a part which we can’t live without. If we dream off and so there are various sources to increase and built a better connectivity to the real world and the virtual world. Humans have successfully placed them superior in both worlds by building and bringing in the best of technology for its correct usages.

dedicated ip VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Networking, it acts as a secure tunnel between two or more devices. It is a protected private web traffic. In simple words, VPN connects to another server somewhere on the net.

  • It is a part of internet protocol which means a method or protocol by which data is sent from one computer to another on the internet.
  • It is connectionless and in the layer three networking layer. It bypasses geographic restrictions on websites while streaming audio and video.
  • It protects you from untrustworthy Wi-Fi hotspots and can be used as an access for a business network while travelling, access from home network as well.
  • You pay for a VPN for its privacy and security and if they keep their own data, they’re the weak link in that chain and you shouldn’t sign up for a VPN service without at least looking at their privacy policy & terms of service.
  • Also, the usage of their service to stay safe online is good but not for privacy. They are often used by remote corporate employees, gig economy, freelancer workers & business travellers.
  • You can also use VPN to watch Netflix and Hulu.

There are many best VPN’s found online but few dedicated ones are as follows:

Express VPN

It is a VPN with a fast working speed and unlimited bandwidth and a huge network of more than 3000+ global coverage. It has almost covered the easy going for all versions of Windows, Mac, iOS and android.

It has an inbuilt speed test feature out of which you can download or stream anything and everything you want and its availability is 24/7 with a special feature of email and live chat.


It never records what site you visited which means it has no means to have a history. It comes with a 30 days money back guarantee offer which will refund your entire money if not liked. It has almost all advanced versions and that too risk free.

Browsing anonymously gives it the right to run on its own private encrypted DNS which provides connections in more than 145+ locations in 94 counties. It works with all kinds of connections and networks like Wi-Fi, 3G and also normal mobile data.

Hotspot Shield

It has a fresh and simple design that hides your IP address and shows you as a complete stranger. It offers you complete privacy with fast connectivity with no bandwidth and you can download everything the net offers. You can access the geo-restricted content and create your own privacy triggers and secure your data with no logs of your online activities.

It comes in more than four languages also with a feature to hide your location and binge watch your favourite shows and movies with one tap protection. It acts as a commercial VPN provider that offers you a free as well as a paid service.

Nord VPN

It provides secure and private access to the free and open internet and also enables access to social networks. It hides your physical location and helps you avoid unnecessary censorship blocks with masking your IP address.

It has a good reputation as it is integrated by 70% of the world’s largest security companies and given the title of ’Top choice for encrypting your Wi-Fi connection’. It browses your web safely and protects your identity and encrypts data it is named as the number one application for productivity and tools on iOS and android.

It was released on 4th December 2018 and was developed by AnchorFree also if you upgrade it you will get rid of ads and the premium is more expensive than most VPN’s.

Tor Guard

It is an open VPN with private and secure connectivity and it comes with a very private club it also protects your net traffic along with some cut-edge technology which can secure up to six devices at the same time.

Once you have installed the app and signed up you are accessible to full security with robust of virtual private network with excellent features also it gets totally risk free when it is funded with a proper licence.

In 2017, PC magazine rated it as the year’s best VPN service and also it is the first official cybersecurity partner of Liverpool fan club and runs more than 5200 remote services in 62+ countries.