Best Snapchat Cydia Tweaks for iOS

Snapchat has turned out to be one of the most liked social network applications on the iPhone and iPad. Users are able to send instant messaging, photos & videos to their friends, see their live stories, and discover the latest headlines from the CNN to Comedy Central.

Also, they are also able to introduce brand new animated filters that will increase the engagements and make it even better to snap. Just like the competitors, Instagram, and Twitter, Snapchat has come up with limitations and sometimes unnecessary features.

Best Snapchat Cydia Tweaks for iOS

For those of you who have a jailbroken device, it is possible to eradicate these limitations on the Snapchat as well as adding up more functionality into the app.

Best Snapchat Cydia Tweaks for iOS

In this post, we will be giving a look at some of the best Snapchat tweaks that are obtainable to download from Cydia right now.

1. AppPlus for Snapchat (Compatible with iOS 9)

UnlimApps, the company that is behind many other popular tweaks like the Facebook Downgrader, will just be releasing their new Snapchat tweak called AppPlus for Snapchat. This package was initially known as Snapchat+ and now is out of beta.


AppPlus for Snapchat will be bringing some of the most well-known features like the screenshot without sending notifications to the sender, and disable Discovery section, and will also increase the duration for video recording, and even more.

  • Number 1: Auto or Manual saving of incoming snaps
  • Number 2: Upload Video and photos from Albums
  • Number 3: Longer video (is from 10-second max to 50 seconds)
  • Number 4: Video tap to record and show video length while recording
  • Number 5: Save to Phone or Snapchat vault
  • Number 6: Disable Snap Countdown
  • Number 7: Disable View Receipt
  • Number 8: Location and Geo Spoofing
  • Number 9: Spoof Snapchat settings (Time/speed/temp)
  • Number 10: Save Chat Messages
  • Number 11: Selective Typing Receipts
  • Number 12: Change Default Start Screen
  • Number 13: Take a snap from the lock screen
  • Number 14: Integration with Activator
  • Number 15: Advanced image editing + Text Editing
  • Number 16: Hide Live Story and Discovery Feeds
  • Number 17: Easy Block of Users
  • Number 18: Move back/forth between snaps
  • Number 19: Disable auto-forward on multiple snaps and stories
  • Number 20: Direct Save to Dropbox Integration
  • The good news is that the AppPlus for Snapchat performs the work with the latest iOS 9 Jailbreak and the latest version of Snapchat application.

iPhone and iPad users which have a jailbroken iOS 9 devices can download this new Snapchat tweak on Cydia.

For iOS 11, you can check out the new Snapchat++ IPA if you are not having a jailbroken device to install AppPlus.

2. Phantom for Snapchat

This is the main feature in the Snapchat tweak industry. I have to give appreciation, to the creator of this tweak, for consistently bringing out updates for every time Snapchat app gets updated.


Phantom for Snapchat will bring features which are impossible to get on non-jailbroken devices. Comparable to AppPlus, users can also disable replay & screenshot alerts, eliminate typing status, send the photos and videos from your Camera Roll, and the rest you can explore it on your own.

You can easily adjust the tweak right within the official Snapchat application through the Settings tab. The overall features of the Phantom that is available for Snapchat is very amazing especially when CokePokes always keep his user up-to-date and incessantly add more features into the tweak.

Update #1: CokePokes has just submitted the newest version of the Phantom for Snapchat with iOS 9 compatibility for the BigBoss repo. If you are not able to wait until then, feel free to add his beta repo that is like:

  • 1: iOS9 compatibility
  • 2: Snapchat v9.17.0.0 crash fixes
  • 3: Ability to add music to uploaded videos
  • 4: Small bug fixes

3. SnapMoreText for Snapchat

One thing that everyone hates about using Snapchat is that it only lets you write sufficient words that fit on one line per snap. From time to time you can’t even tell your friends what’s going on or tell them what the picture is all about.

But here is good news for all the jailbreakers, from now on you can also write as many texts as you wish to on Snapchat photos using a tweak called SnapMoreText.

With this tweak, there will be no limits on how many words you can be typing, if you don’t have space, the text will be led to a new row.

You can download the SnapMoreText for free from the BigBoss repository that is on Cydia.