Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC

Apple’s iOS is the most popular operating system around. It has several applications which are quite different in their functioning and creative enough in terms of interface as well, which are truly exclusive to iOS. Also, it is a stable and vibrant operating system, which somewhere lacks in other operating system and making Apple’s iOS the most popular and widespread operating system in the market.

Have you ever thought of using iOS without buying an iPhone?!For this reason, non-iOS users quite frequently have a query of using the same on their Windows or other non-iOS systems. So, we landed on the solutions that you can easily access iOS by simply installing iOS Emulators on your Windows system.

Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC

Users have to simply download the iOS emulator from the official site or from trusted links or websites. Then install it on their system. After making required changes to the system (if any), run the emulator.

Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC

Emulators are the software which let users run a different operating system on their system. There are emulators available for all the operating system. For instance, to run a Windows operating system on the Mac operating system, you need to download and install Windows emulator on your MacBook. Similarly, to run iOS you must install iOS Emulator on your Windows. Here, we have 10 best iOS emulators for you. Have a look: –


iPadian is one of the best and most popular emulators in the market. It has quite a simple and light interface. It has built in app store which provides users to download and install the app with. It is a free emulator with no post and pre-registration charges apart from in app purchases.


It is a perfect emulator for all the developers around as it provides with the smooth functioning to test the apps. It is mainly used by professional app developers. Although it is free but to unlock additional features, one has to pay $99.

It is another popular emulator in the market. It comes with creative and user- friendly interface. It works best when it comes to using light applications. But takes quite a time, while installing heavy applications. Although it is a paid app but you may try its 7 days trial version and then can upgrade to premium version.

MobiOne Studio

It is also a beneficial app with great features such as easy navigation, cross platform for app developers. It also provides users to run beta applications as well. It is a free emulator with no pre or post installation charges. is also one of the kind emulators, which is best for the app developers. If you want to just test your apps then you may use the trial version. Since the & days trial version is totally free and then it charges $0.05/min.


Ripple emulator has quite a great feature and is used by app developers to test the applications. It is based on Google Chrome extension. It is quite famous amongst techies as it is cloud based OS as well.

Air iPhone

Air iPhone is steadily growing and making a place in the list of best emulators. It creates a virtual iPhone interface. It has very simple and subtle look and comes with user-friendly customization and settings.

Xamarin Test Flight

Xamarin has a very creative and subtle UI. It provides you with the latest iOS and can work efficiently while testing apps. It can perform a lot of task as this emulator is owned by Apple Corporation which make it more professional and subtle. It is free emulator but have built in purchases.

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS is a great emulator and is quite popular among gamers. It makes a virtual console on your system, hence providing users with the best gaming experience. It does not have lagging issues as other emulators have.

Electric Mobile Studio

It is expensive yet quite popular emulator. It charges $39.99 per month. Although you can use 7 days free trial before purchasing the emulator. It unlocks great features with purchasing the application.

Apart from these listed above, there are many other emulators available in the market. But these being the best one comes with great features and smooth working. So, find the one which suits you best and enjoys the experience of iOS on your Windows.