5 Best iOS emulator for Windows 10

The emulator allows the window system to install and run any iOS app or game on it also the users can easily access the games and apps in windows PC like they normally run on Apple devices. Usually, there are n-number of best iOS emulators for windows 2019 but among them, the top five are listed below:

ios emulator for windows

Air iPhone

Air iPhone runs in Adobe air and also its popularity lies in the zone as it allows developers to replicate the iPhone graphic interface, basically it creates a virtual iPhone on windows PC.  It is fast, reliable as well as easy to use with no interruptions in the form of advertisements. It is a must for iOS developers as it saves a lot of time during testing phases.

The installation takes the following steps into consideration:

  • Download file and save it on your computer.
  • Then double click to open the .exe file and follow onscreen instructions as shown.
  • Launch it, search and download iOS apps on your computer.

NOTE : Installation of Adobe Air is essential.


iPadian is a simulator and not an emulator but It is considered as the best among all the iOS emulators due to many reasons. It provides the real iPad interface on windows, it also comes with apps such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many others.

It is considered apt for playing iOS games. iPadian is an entire desktop app which is used with Adobe Air. During its installation, there is a drop box that allows you to uncheck any malware files that it tries to install and so installation steps ahead:

  • Download IPadian.
  • Open .exe file after downloading completion.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions as shown.
  • Restart the device.

NOTE : It doesn’t allows the access to iOS app store.


Smartface is an iPhone app emulator and tester that helps to develop native iOS apps through cross-platform. The plugin supports to extend its apps also it’s in build with JavaScript library along with testing of apps available with debugging.

It is a mobility management platform that reduces the cost efficiency, increases productivity, removes dependency and provides mobility solutions. The installations steps are as follows:

  • Activate the Smartface iOS widget
  • Locate the on-device emulator on iOS
  • Run an application in the on-device emulator
  • Update an app in the on-device emulator
  • Clea on device emulator contents

NOTE : It has the “What you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) design editor.


Among the best emulators, it gives the facility and freedom to use and test as well as you can run iOS apps and games along with the android apps and games as well. Its AppSync technology can now support larger sized apps for review and testing process.

It is a paradise to the iPad users as it includes iPad app design and testing capabilities also its user interface templates. It has been downloaded and used by nearly six hundred thousand designers and developers worldwide and is considered as the market leader.

NOTE: It is not available for free as it has a 15 days trial period.

Xamarin TestFlight

In the terms of developer support, it’s in the list of best emulators made so far and worth every penny as its not free to use. It allows you to run all your favourite iOS apps and games on windows 10 without any massive interruptions.

It holds a lot of compatibility to different window versions as well, it is a bit different from the other emulators as you need to first create the iTunes current record account. It is also used by developers to perform cross-platform applications. By the amount of reviews, it could be classified as the best emulator for iOS in the market.

NOTE: It is officially developed by Apple Inc.