Best iOS Emulator for Android

If you own an Android smartphone but want to use iOS applications, then this article is just for you. There are many people who carry an Android phone under and a die-hard fan of the iOS device but cannot exercise it because of its price of jaw-dropping.

You can find many applications running at once this firmware. But some apps are compatible with the single iOS device. To access these applications on the Android firmware, you take the help of some emulator’s iOS.

Best iOS emulator for Android

What are iOS Emulators?

As we have said before that some applications are developed for the iOS platform, Android and iOS users need emulators to run these applications on their device. After installing these emulators, you can access all iOS apps that Apple users use them.

Features of iOS Emulators for Android Devices

  • You can access these apps for free.
  • iOS emulator allows you to run iOS apps on Android firmware. Most iOS applications work with the emulator.
  • It creates an even iOS environment on Android that you see on an Apple
  • 512MB of RAM is required to install most iOS emulators.
  • These applications are mostly compatible with Android 2.3 or later.

Best iOS Emulator for Android

Now, let’s gaze at one of the best iOS emulators you can use. It is free to download and use. They run iOS apps on your Android phone with ease.

1. IEMU Emulator

Mention this first because it is the one with the largest capacity. Referred paid apk or emulator, IEMU Emulator is a best iOS emulators there that allows you to use iOS apps on your Android phone.


  • It’s free to download.
  • Enjoy the Apple applications on your Android platform.
  • The size is quite less and therefore do not take up much space on your phone.

2. Cider

Mentioned in the same breath as IEMU, cider is also a great iOS emulator that works to satisfy your need to use iOS apps on your Android phone by doing the same work as IEMU. Application developers are known to use to test their applications using the emulator.


  • It’s free to download.
  • Enjoy the Apple applications on your Android platform.
  • Easy to use interface that allows even a non-techie person to get the hang of it and start using it quickly.

3. Appetize IO

Appetize IO is a virtual iOS emulator – it means you can open it is a Web site and start using the emulator – Bingo! It works even provide iPhone application use on an Android phone, but with the advantages of saving your space and have a handy wizard on your phone.


  • Virtual iOS emulator.
  • Completely free to use.
  • Also available on Windows and Mac PCs.
  • Cloud-based, so make your choice of browser and operating system you want to run on.


Hopefully, you can get the means to access iOS apps on your Android device. All iOS mentioned above emulators can work on non-rooted Android phone, so that your device may not be hurt.