5 Best free movies apps for iPhone Latest 2020

5 Best free movies apps for iPhone & iPad, In this article, I’m going to reveal 5 best free movies apps for iPhone that you can download in your iOS 12 and these all free movies apps doesn’t need jailbreak.

That means you can download them jailbreak. So without wasting any more times let us go ahead and take a look at those 5 best free films apps for iPhone.

Best free movies apps for iPhone

1: Coto Movies

Coto movies is original from those 5 finest free movies programs for iPhone, this one is really remarkable. It lets you watch films and television shows for free on your apparatus as well as save them.

So that you can see them even if your device isn’t connected to the web.So in the event that you open this app then you will notice its home display. Where you will have some topics, you’ll have the search bar to search for your favourite movie or tv show then lower you will have the last updated tv shows along with the last updated movies and then you are going to have popular trending and the last upgrade.

To play any movie, just tap on it and it will take you on the next page, where you may have info regarding that movie.

2: Media Box HD

Media box HD is second in the finest free movies apps for iPhone, should you open it then you will see the home screen, where you will have a search bar to search for your favorite films or TV shows afterward you’ll have different collections and most watched films .

If you go on the bottom then it’s possible to change between movies. That means you will have different sections for movies and then for TV shows.

  • To play a movie, go right ahead and tap the film then it takes you on another page, where you will see different info concerning the movie.
  • Now, what you need to do is just go ahead and tap on the button.
  • It shows you different websites from where you can flow the movie.

3: Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is next kind that the best free films program for iPhone, this app is pretty amazing also. On the house of the program, you’ll discover the featured pictures. That means you’ll have different segments at the base, you will have movies then you are going to have TV shows then you’ll have your watchlist, you’ll have a search section right there and you will have also your downloads.

Where you will have downloaded movies or TV shows that you save for offline watching.

To see any movie, just tap on it and it’ll take you to the film page, where you’ll discover different information regarding the movie and in which you can go ahead and play the movie and as well save it for offline viewing.

To download popcorn time in your device, what you need to do is visit this website that I will leave connected down below.

Then tap entertainment and go ahead and find popcorn time. If you found it then just tap on it and tap get and wait for pop-up then click install on the pop-up.

4: Movie Box Pro

Movie box pro app is variant the best free movies apps for iPhone, the only downside to this program is that watching or downloading films or TV shows on full HD is only available for VIP accounts. So that a paid service.

With the free service, of course, you can observe and play films and TV shows as well as download them. But not on full HD.

On the home of the app you’ll have featured and then you will have movies too TV shows. At the base, you may have obviously the house segment then you are going to have picture list then you’ll have your favourite films then you are going to have a search bar and then from the past, you will have the downloads.

  • To play a movie, just go ahead open the movie page then you are going to notice a bunch of information.
  • Just tap on the download button then you may proceed and just choose basically standard definition.

Because with a free account that’s all you get just tap there and then you will find the picture on the download section.


Lilo films , this is a fairly new program that has recently been published.

On the home, you may find like the latest films, the latest TV shows, you will have some popular movies and TV shows and you’ll have trending and the final update. At the very top, you can search for any movie or TV display.

To play a movie, just visit the film page and tap on any movie and once it loads then Just tap the watch today and wait for the movie to load. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes. If it’s complete then you can go right ahead and play the film.

You will also have a button to alter the high quality and you’ll have a little arrow which lets you proceed and download those movies or TV shows for your iPhone.

To download Lilo pictures in your device, you will have to proceed and set up the TweakBox. I will leave its connection right down under. Just go to the TweakBox internet page.

If you don’t have it and simply click install and then you’re good to go. You will install TweakBox in your device. After install TweakBox, just open it proceed to apps and go to TweakBox apps and here you’ll get the Lilo movies. Just scroll down and just tap it then click install and click install here and you’re all set.

Thank you for reading this report. These are 5 best free movies programs for iPhone which you can download on iOS 12 as well. Hope you enjoy it and if you enjoy this post then don’t forget to share this post and also visit daily on this site for studying more new articles.