How to Avoid Getting Banned or Locked Out of Snapchat++ on iOS

Snapchat is very stringent when it comes to changing or applying jailbreak tweaks to its app. Compared to similar social media apps like Twitter and Instagram, Snapchat is actually warning its subscribers regarding third-party apps being used. Many people have recently reported that they have been locked out or even completely banned from using the app. Just because your device is not jailbroken doesn’t mean that you can avoid a similar fate. The Snapchat team has sent the following message to suspicious entities over the past few days.

Snapchat Message to the Users

But first what is Snapchat++

We often yearn to save or download our friend’s videos and photos of Snapchat stories while we watch them. However, the official Snapchat app does not allow us to do so. Snapchat++ brings this function for you at your fingertips as it provides a function that allows you to activate the feature of video or photo downloading, making it very easy for you to save photos and videos.

Many of us wanted a function to send pictures or videos directly from the studio to the Snapchat app, but that could not be done earlier in Snapchat. Here you can also get Snapchat++ APK to assist you. This app can easily  send media  directly from the studio to your  app.  

I can’t talk about any unidentified adjustments or 3rd party apps installed. However, I have used Phantom by CokePokes and Snap++ by UnlimApps for Snapchat. I don’t see why your account may be endangered in terms of security if you use one of these tweaks. So far, that is not yet the case.

Follow CokePokes Solution to Avoid Getting Banned or Locked Out of Snapchat++

CokePokes reacted to the message via its Twitter account using the solution of CokePokes Phantom for Snapchats. I am conscious of the message for the 3rd party apps. I would recommend that everybody email Snapchat inform them that you get the message erroneously. This can work or it can not. You could try it, I mean. If Snapchat saw several of these emails or messages of support, they may need to rethink the implications (lock your Snapchat account).

Avoid locking out by Snapchat++ using NoSnapLock [Solution]

Avoid locking out using NoSnapLock by Snapchat If the prior method doesn’t really work, this problem will have another tweak. A Reddit user (/u / aIakazard) has been able to transform a TomLube Flex Patch into a NoSnapLock tweak. When using tweaks like Phantom, it will be capable of putting your account in a protected status. I’ve been using the same tweak but nothing has really happened to my account while using Phantom since after the warning I received yesterday. You need to do this:

  • Start Cydia.
  • Click Add on the top left corner.
  • A pop screen will appear. Add the following repo http:/ and tap Add Source.
Add alakazard yourepo to Cydia
  • Now go back to Home Screen and open Alakazard repo.
  • Search for NoSnapLock and Install it.
Install NoSnapLock
  • Then go to Settings > NoSnapLock > Configure

Update Snap++ to v1.6r88

UnlimApps a while back released a patch to their Snap++ tweak to update Snap++ to v1.6r88. This update, according to the change log, prevents Snapchat from searching for dyld. But nonetheless, the company may be right to say these apps could compromise the security of your account. Be certain to install this one from a very well-known dev that is reliable.

Steps to unlock Snapchat Account

Multiple viewers have informed us that the lockout should lapse after 24 hours. In your case, if that didn’t happen, then conduct a manual request to unlock your Snapchat account.

  • Go through either your iPhone or a computer to this page.
  •  Enter your Snapchat username and password.
  •  Click the big yellow Unlock button to let you know your Snapchat account has been unlocked.