Atmos Cydia Tweak – PriorityHub Alternative for iOS 10

Priorityhub was a tweak that used to work for summarizing notifications in a sorted way so you do not feel overloaded with the notifications. This tweak had been really useful until it was emulated.

What is Atmos Cydia Tweak?

The Atmos Cydia Tweak is customizable and this lets you sort your notifications on a per-app basis. You get to see the notifications from both the Lock screen and Notification Center. Now you will never have to feel overwhelmed by an influx of notifications again.

Atmos Cydia Tweak

Now we have the firmware version of PriorityHub and that makes us miss the old charm ane essence. The newer firmware version of the original PriorityHub makes us feel missing the prior features. The tweaks that emulate its features make it go missing in action and we are always looking forward to getting that back. The problem is over now as we have found another tweak that can offer the same features. This one works exactly like the original and we will be happy to proclaim that users cannot miss the PriorityHub tweak any more with the presence of this one. Atmos Cydia Tweak is developed by the famous tweak developer Antique Dev.

This is one of the most favourite jailbreak tweaks and it organizes the incoming notifications. As PriorityHub was never updated to support iOS 10, we needed something else. The classic PriorityHub was missed by the tech lovers and thus the Atmos Cydia Tweak came to fill the gap.

The original source code has been used by Antique Dev and thus this tweak has been developed. There are minor changes made to make the Atmos Cydia Tweak more compatible. So there is a high chance that you may find lots of bugs which you have already faced in original PriorityHub tweak. They have remained the same to some extent.

How it works:

After you install Atmos Cydia Tweak you will see the notifications grouped both by app and by lock screen and in the Notification centre. This helps you to focus on rather important issues and not looking at the chaotic mess of notifications.

It offers good compatibility with the notification based tweaks and it works pretty well with the entire lock screen. The tweaks it is compatible with are:

  • Modern
  • CleanNotifications
  • Noctis
  • Ventana
  • Unify
  • ColorBanners
  • ColorBadges

After installing it on your device, you can configure the options from settings.

Download Atmos Cydia Tweak

You can give it a try if you have not used PriorityHub tweak earlier, this is worth a chance. You can try the NCLink which offer more stability than this one. You can expect regular updates and fixing of bugs as it is promised by the developer Antique Dev.

The Atmos Cydia Tweak is available on BigBoss Cydia repository and you can avail it only for $ 1. 50. This tweak only is compatible with iOS 10 version.

Users’ feedback:

Users are more than happy to get a complete redone of PriorityHub tweak with the same bugs and functionality. According to them, NCLink is a better option for downloading the Atmos Cydia Tweak.  This one does not work on LS with Unify and has a bug in NC heights.

Edits needed on Atmos Cydia Tweak (Users’ recommendation)-

  • Atmos Cydia Tweak has got a respring loop after a respringing and it has not happened just after the installation.
  • A few numbers of notifications are not shown in certain apps like PriorityHub. To explain, if you have two message notifications, in PriorityHub you would be seeing a little “2” under the message icon. Along with that, you will get to see a weird blur in place of where the number is supposed to be. This happens only when the icon is set at the top.
  • In Colourbanners 2 testing notification centre notifications crash the phone into safe mode.
  • LockscreenmediaplayerXI does not work which is somehow apprehended as Lysithea does not work either.
  • Canzone does not work in the Atmos Cydia Tweak. Beta testers are recommended for this tweak like Boxy 3 or Musessions tweaks.  This way the bug fixing will be done full proof.

You can get a refund:

First, uninstall the Atmos Cydia Tweak and respring.  Then go to Atmost tweak in Cydia and tap on the “Hate it? Get an automatic refund” button. Tap on the “Click here for Immediate Refund” button.

The options that we get from Atmos Cydia Tweak are  LS or NC, top or bottom positioning, app icon sizing and Privacy and misc.