Asteroid: System-Wide Weather Jailbreak Tweak for iPhone on iOS 11

The Asteroid is a type of tweak that you can use for your device. This tweak gives you weather updates in an animated manner that makes your phone Interesting as well as unique than the other boring devices.

You require a tweak for your device that gives you regular updates and keeps you notified about the weather. So you are lucky to have a tweak as you need along with slight interesting animations that make your phone beautiful.


Asteroid: System-Wide Weather Jailbreak Tweak – Features

Now let us know a bit how this tweak actually comes into play.

  • You might be knowing about the weather apps that are mostly used. These weather apps also have a set of cool animations but the limitation comes in that this animation is only displayed when you open the app.
  • But for this asteroid tweak, the animations are displayed both displayed when you open the app and outside it.
  • Also, this tweak will add a live effect of animation for your lock screen and also for the home screen.
  • Leaving these aside the app will also give you the weather updates that is the centre requirement and along with with that the temperature updates.

Going ahead we talk about the settings for this weather tweak.

General Settings

General Settings

These settings give a configuration to your phone. The first setting that we will be discussing goes as:

Refresh Rate: This setting creates a refresh rate for the weather check and updates on your devices or app in general.

  • It has general values. These values are 1.0 – 61.0. You are able to set it to any value that is up to you.
  •  Sets the refresh rate of weather checks. You can set it to any value from 1.0 to 61.0. Setting the refresh rate to 1.0 will allow the tweak to check for weather updates every second but it could also possibly lead to battery loss.    

Now let us talk about some lock screen settings.

Lock Screen

Lock Screen
  • Enable Greeting View: By this setting greeting, the view will be enabled on your device.
  • This setting is generally for your lock screen and this feature is available for the iOS versionI12.
  • Hide Greeting View: This setting will help you to hide the weather updates and the greeting view of the steroid when there are notifications on your device.
  • You have a choice for enabling this. You can enable it if you want to have the notifications to be displayed on your lock screen.

Now let his have some look on the home screen settings.

Home screen

Home Screen
  • Hide Dock–  This setting will make your home screen dock look and appear transparent.
  • Hide Folders – This feature or the setting will make your folders to appear transparent on the home screen.

After going through the home screen and the lock screen settings now we take a brief look on the live weather.

Live Weather

Live Weather

This feature will help to show the live weather updates to you on your device. This can be on your lock screen or home screen or both that depends upon your choice.

  • Lock Screen  –  By this feature, you can enable the weather updates on your lock screen and disable them too.
  • Home Screen– By this setting or feature, you can enable the live updates of weather on your home screen and disable them too.
  • Custom Conditions  –  This feature will switch the animations on your home screen.

You need to keep this feature off so that you are updated with dynamic changes in weather.

Live Weather Background

Live Weather Background
  • By this feature, you are able to hide the background. You are able to use this feature along with keeping the animation.
  • By this feature, you are also able to keep your original wallpaper maintained and along with that you get the updates.

This tweak is generally very interesting and useful you need to try this out on your device and if you do on an Apple device do contribute a share in the donation.

This tweak is worth the use. But along with benefits it also has a default. You may find that the notification disappears while you unlock. So to fix this issue you can try to restart or if it does not work then you need to lock or unlock the device many times which might help.