AppStore++ for iOS 11.3.1(iPhone/iPad): Downgrade iOS Apps to Their Older Versions

There are a number of features being introduced on our phones right now in this era. You just need to know a little about everything and you are done with everything. To know this information you need to toggle your device, search through the internet and know more about everything. As in we know that there is always a feature to upgrade our device by updating the apps, there is also another feature by which you can downgrade these apps. We will be discussing this downgrading feature in this specific article.

We will be knowing about how can we degrade the or downgrade any app back to its older version. You can perform this on the App Store for iOS devices.

Downgrade Apps Version

Now let us know how this app store works. To know this go through the below article.

Working of AppStore++

We download an app from the store and start working on it and with it. But when you download the app from app store ++ it restricts any updates to the app.

Now let us know more about this new version app store.

What this app does is when you download any app you just need to go to the app store and from there you can downgrade the application manually yourself.

This application has been downloaded by the Snapchat workers for you users to be able to download the downgraded version for your application.

The app store is not a difficult application to be used. This application can be used by only two ways as it offers only two of the options to be used.

  • The first option that it offers is dither you can update your app, this will update to the latest version or you can downgrade your application to the downgraded version. You can do either of the two you like to do.
  • The second option that it offers you is advanced option. In this you can install any version of the app manually on your own.

The version of the app is new in the store and for this reason you will see the database of this app is small as compared to other apps. But after some time when the downloads will increase the database will surely increase.

According to the creators of the application you can yourself increase the database by downgrading your applications yourself.

Now let us proceed to know how do we downgrade these applications by using the app store.

Process of Downgrading

You can perform this process for either the existing applications on your device or for the new apps that you will develop.

To do so follow the steps that are mentioned in the article that follows.

Step 1: Your first step is to open the app store application.

Step 2: When you open the app store you need to go to the search tab. Here you need to search the application that you wish to downgrade or upgrade.

Step 3: When you search the application, app store will bring out the search results. Now click on the application you searched for.

Step 4: Here you will see two icons. The get icon or the cloud icon. You need to long press these icons.

Step 5: If you want to install the older version manually click on the manually install option.

Or you van click on the upgrade and downgrade option that will also do the required action for you.

Step 6: Now a Mix rank application will be opened. This will help you in tracking the builds of the app.

Now you need to select the build number so that you are able to downgrade the application to the version you want to do.

For existing applications:

  • We know that you can downgrade any new application that you install. But apart from that you can also downgrade the applications that already exist on your device. But to do so you need to uninstall the application first.
  • This method may not work for some of the applications so you wont be able to downgrade the application. So the method of downgrading wont work as stated and will fail.

In the above article, you have seen how to downgrade your application. So go and follow to do the same.