AppSigner – Web-based Cydia Impactor Alternative

All of we are very much familiar with process if we want to install Cydia impactor or any other similar kind of applications then we have to perform Sideloading method with our safari browser or by using the PC or Mac for the same. In this article, we will tell you about an app which in some ways have similarities with Cydia impactor but we don’t have to go with complicated procedures to install it.

We are talking about App singer a new application which is web-based Cydia impactor been released into the public domain. As it is new, it is offering a beta version for now but with time surely we will get a stable one also. The most significant feature of this application is that it mimics the features and functionalities of the Cydia impactor but without downloading software.

What Is AppSigner.IO?

As mentioned above it is Cydia impactor alternative which offers the same features as of Cydia but there is a minor difference between these two applications that there is no need of sideloading Appsinger to use it on your device.

In simple words, we can say that app singer is a website that has same functionalities as Cydia impactor and other apps like Cydia, but unlike Cydia, this app does not be added on to your device after signing it.


AppSigner main Features:

  • It does not require a computer for sideloading IPA files.
  • It has a very simple and clean user-interface.
  • As it is a web-based online tool, it will not require to save any of your data except Apple ID.

Warning for users against using Appsinger.

As it is web-based Cydia alternative, It stores Your Apple ID data on its server before sending it to the signing servers and we know that for storing username and passwords it is necessary for signing, so there is data breaching chances as a developer can also gain access to your account.

As common users mostly those who don’t have that much technical knowledge use similar password over different platforms which can increase the risk of their security breach and their privacy can be compromised.

In his post, the very famous developer Saurik said that user’s data can only be on those servers which developers are using. Evidently, the application doesn’t have an SSL certification, which implies your certifications are sent on the web and your local area network in the form of plain text.

Saurik is the only developer which gives this info about this app. Also, when he’s doubtful about something, you must ought to presumably abstain from installing that application and tweak on your device. So does that mean you cannot use this application, YES! You can easily use this application but not with your original Apple id but for its uses, you must make alternative apple credentials to avoid your privacy and data breaching and easily able to sideload your required tweaked application and modded games.

Requirements for using this application

  • An IPA file
  • Your Apple ID credentials ( must make a new one for only using this tool)  
  • Chrome or Firefox web browser
  • Active Internet connection

How to Sign Apps with AppSigner.IO

  • First of all, Open a web browser and visit  As till now only two web browser has compatibility with Appsinger and they are Chrome and Firefox, Apple’s Safari browser isn’t working properly with this tool though developers said they will fix this problem soon.
  • Tap on Select an IPA for upload and then upload the IPA file you want to sign and sideload to your Apple device.
  • After the file is uploaded successfully to the server, input the following data –
  • Apple ID – Enter your Email ID
  • Password – Enter your Apple ID password
  • UDID – Enter your UDID number here.
  • Insert captcha – Input the security captcha that is shown on the screen. 
appsigner-insert captcha
  • Now press the SIDELOAD button present below it and wait for some time to sign your app using your Apple ID.
appsigner-Press Sideload
  • Wait till the timer ends and save the signed app in the desired folder. 
  •  Finally, simply you can Sideload the app to your device using Cydia Impactor utility.


So, at last, we can conclude that Appsinger is one of the best Cydia alternatives, but point to be consider that use it only when the Cydia has stopped working as it has risk of sabotaging the Apple’s credentials to unknown server and there have been reports regarding some of the users credentials has been compromised so please use AppSinger very carefully. I hope our article about the passenger is beneficial for you as we enlightened the positives and negatives of this Cydia alternative. So please share this article with your friends and family and help them to explore features of this application.