AdMissile – Powerful Ad-Blocker that blocks over 800 Ad Servers

Another day with another tweak. This new tweak will aim to bring strong ad overcrowding features to stock iOS. Here’s how this will work.

How AdMissile Works

There are a number of ad-blocking solutions for the jailbreak users but most of them are obsolete or are not regularly updated. This new tweak will be solving that problem once and for all.

AdMissile Cydia tweak is an insubstantial ad blocker that blocks a great range of ad servers. It is created by tweak developer, pwn20wnd.

It has a lot of updates to the host’s file. Here’s the way it works –

  • Number 1: shift the original host’s file to some other location.
  • Number 2:  duplicate a new file in place of the unique host’s file.
  • Number 3: alter this new file.
  • Number 4: relate the blacklist to the new file.
  • Number 5: Restart the compulsory system forces.

This ad-blocker is very simple to use and it uses no setup once you install it. It also does not require any Settings section.

AdMissile Cydia tweak

AdMissile Vs Minimal Blocker

Minimal Hosts Blocker is, with no a doubt, the most well-liked ad blocker for the jailbreak users. It is feature-rich and is having a good blacklist but it pales in contrast to this new ad-blocker.

AdMissile just great and excellent out of the water in every area, this is because –

  • It has a better and more varied blacklist comprising over 800 ad servers.
  • It has a weight of just 10.9KB and has no effect on battery life.
  • Other ad blockers go away with unused garbage files once you uninstall them. This problem will not be existing in this case as it will be cleaning everything up once you uninstall it from your iOS device.
  • Since the host’s file are being modified, it will also work in non-jailbreak mode. This is a great feature if your jailbreak is not stable or if it reaches its expiration date and you are not able to renew its certificate.
  • No reboot is necessary after installing this ad blocker.

How to Download AdMissile Tweak

Therefore, if you require a lightweight, no-frills ad blocker for the iOS, this is it. Go to the lead and download it to nuke those. It is Highly recommended.

How can you Install the Untrusted Host Blocker for iOS 12 From Free Repo?

Just follow the easy steps given below for installing this tweak on your device. I am not contributing any pirate repo. It’s a free nip from the developer, so slow down and follow the steps that are below.

Please Note That This Method Needs a Jailbroken Device. If You Are Not Having a Jailbroken Device First Download One and Then Go Ahead;

At first, Open the Cydia application on your device.

  1. In sources, you need to add to your list.
  2. In the search bar, you need to look for Untrusted Host Blocker.
  3. You can install this tweak for free.
  4. Now relax and enjoy!

There are no screenshots that can be available for this tweak. Also, there are configurations. Alright, as now you have downloaded the Minimal Host Blocker for iOS 12 choice on your device. Make sure to cross-check, and respring your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch previous to saying it’s not working.