ActiHastebin – Copy Clipboard text to Hastebin via Activator

ActiHastebin is an excellent tweak for users that allow them to use an activator action to send on your clipboard to Hastebin. And the most excellent thing about Hastebin link which makes easy for your clipboard to share as well.

It is well-liked open-source and you can choose it in place of Pastebin, It helps you to upload and share no. of snatches of code and text online easily.


So it can be a more relevant tool to you, for this reason, iOS developer has been developed new jailbreak which is known as ActiHastebin that enables you to share snatches of code with Hastebin more easily.

ActiHastebin comes with activator and Add-on for Jailbroken devices. It’s so simple to use and runs so diligently on Apple devices.

When you are able to use the tweak then definitely you can easily copy the excerpt code or text online to your Apple devices clipboard and after then once your copy has been uploaded successfully to Hastebin you can easily put the output in your clipboard where you can paste it into a text field.

This new tweak has a great objective for copy-paste procedure. Here in this article will discuss how does it work.

How does it work on your Smartphone?

On your desktop or on your laptop copy–paste is not troubled you anymore but when it comes to your handy devices like your Smartphone it’s little bit waste your precious time. Hence this new tweak has been launched for smartphones only.

The Developer iPad Kid has made so simple for users so that everyone can easily copy the content on clipboard to Hastebin and also copy the links.

This tweak needs setting first because it depends on Hastebin and Activator. So here are some steps to set up this Tweak –

  • Step 1: 1st open the activator and then select the action and press the double click.
  • Step 2: Now you need to open the Notepad app and write something.
  • Step 3: Now copy your text and share to Hastebin to the clipboard.
  • Step 4: Double presses to run the associated activator action.
  • Step 5: Now paste your text to a new line
  • Step 6: Now you are able to send the link to anyone easily.

Download Actihastebin Tweak

Now ActiHastebin is now so easy to download without paying any bucks through Bigboss Cydia repo. It comfortably works with iOS 8, 9 and 10.


Hope this article gives you glimpse on Actihastebin Cydia tweak which helps you to copy-paste easily through your smartphone easily. Now, this tweak also avails in Bigboss where you don’t need to pay any bucks. Please be in touch with our site to get new updates on new articles daily. Any inquiry related to this article please let us know on the comment section will try to help you definitely. Thank You.