Download 3uTools App on Windows PC

All iOS users want to experience the features that an iDevice can offer and for that, we can use 3utools. It is the software that allows you to jailbreak your iOS device and explore the more features inside it. Its interface and UI is very simple that a beginner can also use this.

In order you use this program, you have to install it on your PC, which doesn’t require any extra tool and settings for installing it. You just simply have to download the file and run it like any other program on your PC. It will help you in exploring the internal features of your iOS devices, but for that, you may need Pc as a medium for installing firmware and jailbreaking your iOS devices. In this article, we will give the procedure to download and install 3uTool on your PC, but first, we will look at some of its features and functions.


What is 3uTools?

3utools provide you with a very simple and easy way to manage the iOS apps, ringtones, multimedia files and many other things. You can easily use this tool on different versions of iPhones and iPads, like as jailbreaked, non-jailbreaked, activation, battery and your iCloud lock status. We will give detailed info about the tool functions and features.

Before You Use 3uTools:

  • It is necessary to have iTunes to use 3utools, in case you don’t have, please go and install them before anything.
  • You must have a working USB port and USB cable for proper functioning
  • Make sure your USB cable and USB port on your computer is working correctly
  • You cannot use 3uTools for bypassing your carrier lock or iCloud lock

What You Can Do With 3uTools:

3uTools has a variety of  several cool features:

  • Flash – One of the best features it provides is the flashing you device, you can easily downgrade your device to unsigned version even if the unsigned version is imported. The plus point it has over iTunes is that you can easily alternative iOS version and preserve your data.
  • Jailbreak –You can easily jailbreak your device by using 3utool instead of Cydia impactor, and in this case, you don’t need to use your apple id and don’t need to install a jailbreak .ipa file. Just simply choose the file based on your iOS version.
  • Data – using this tool in the non-jailbroken device, you have the option to  see and edit Notes and Contacts – this feature is not available on iOS 11 or higher because of a different file system
  • Files – you have the option to access your device file system in the same way as you do with apps file managers like Filza or iFile. In case of the jailbroken device, with AFC2 installed, you have the option to access the jailbreak file system

Other Features of 3uTools:

Other significant features of 3uTools that allow you to do so other things.

  • The best feature to Customize your iPhone:
  • Have access to Customizable wallpaper on 3uTools
  • You can easily Create and customize ringtones
  • You have the feature to Install IPA Files:
  • It has the option to Compress images
  • You can easily convert HEIC files
  • It Provides an option to transfer data from one device to another
  • You can easily edit audio tags
  • It can create ringtones of your choice
  • You can easily convert audio files
  • Option to Backup and restore your device
  • Have iTunes utilities feature
  • You can easily convert video files
  • 3uAirPlayer
  • Easy access to open SSH Tunnel
  • The option of Realtime log
  • Feature of Realtime screen recording
  • Has device Rebooting option
  • Single-click to turn off your device
  • You can restrict iOS updates
  • Have the Option to manage your app icons
  • You Have various Accessibility options
  • You can Delete all invalid icons
  • You can erase your data
  • Have the option of going in recovery mode

How to Download 3uTools in Windows PC

The number of iOS user around the globe are growing day by day. Hence there is a lot of enthusiasm in them to explore more feature iOS devices can do but has been restricted by vanilla iOS, in order to do that we have to install 3uTool in our windows PC and enjoy you an iOS framework.

  • It is a program that has developed for Windows PC use and you can download the .exe file for the installation purpose on your computer from the link-
  • After the download has finished, you have to click on the 3uTools .exe file
  • After that, it will start the installing process and you have to wait for a while till the installation process is finished.
  • After the whole installation process is finished, you will see 3uTool icon on your desktop.

It will help you in steaking different firmware renditions to your iOS device and helps you in doing a lot of amazing things and function access on your iOS device. It is licensed as a freeware tool for Pc with Windows 32 bit and 64 Bit operating system. It is enlisted in the iOS tool category and available free to download for all software developers.


I hope you liked our article about 3uTools tweak its features function and how to download it. So in order to use the amazing feature to access amazing settings of your iOS devices then, please go and download it. It is completely free of malware and viruses so don’t worry about security as developers insure about providing an update regarding bugs and errors. Please feel free to share this amazing tweak with your friends & family and if you have any suggestions and queries related to it feel free to contact us.