10 Best Gravitybox Alternatives (2019)

ROM or Read Only Memory, a very important component of any device which is used to store memory permanently although people get confused between RAM & ROM as RAM only stores temporarily while for a long run ROM is required.

Gravitybox is a part of module known as Xposed which is a design used to create your own customisable ROM with all the features you want to add without any flashing required and also it is very easy to set up.  Instead of installing all the specific and good features one by one, Gravitybox does it collectively with popular tweaks of Android for you.


There are alternatives even to the best possible thing that you will come across and so is Gravitybox even by been amongst the best it has alternatives too and they are:

Unlock Hacks

The unlock ring targets allows you to unlock your phone in a way that you will straight reach to the specific app on the direction you have swiped, it is not replicated as it’s just a straight swipe to unlock a device. Although a third-party approach can take this over which will help you launch into the app directly.

Statusbar Lock Policy

If the phone is locked you can still swipe down the notification pane to view your notifications also it is possible to figure that what types of notifications you want to come on your screen which makes it completely customisable.

Ongoing Notification Blocker

Some apps just keep on running behind the background without coming to your notice, Gravitybox was able to hide them but effectively they would still be there but now most of the apps are having their own settings to make you choose whether to off them or block them straight away this is not suitable for the messaging app though.

Volume Keys Skip Track

The previous Gravitybox tweak was that you were able to change your song just by the click of the volume buttons and it can be altered by various apps present for a more consistent and better performance the basic solution is the choice of headphones you make and whether it consists play store or not if not then you can use apps dedicated simply to this function.

Resize Widget

Previously in many versions of many OS the widgets were only resized when the developers allowed them to do so but with the entry of many third-party launchers you are able to resize your widget regardless the permission of any developer.

Quiet Hours

It is the most essential for people who don’t want the notification sector to mess with them often, it allows you to only hear priority notifications which will include calls, messages, event reminders etc and using the volume button will make your job an easier one to manually decide a period.

Ultimate Notification Control

In Gravitybox this feature use to come under the paid version but now it is free for almost every device and gives you the freedom to actually customise the notifications on an app. It is still under process and sooner it will replace the original notification control of Gravitybox with colours and blinking patterns.

Customise Quick Settings

This was never a default version in previous android. It was only seen on Xposed or with some similar framework which was somehow equal to never seeing it but now its available with the alternatives.

Slow Battery Arc

It was a minor issue in former versions but now it is integrated in the form of an unlock ring when the battery runs low which is different from the usual battery graphic on the phones.

 Enable Torch

Formerly, you need to long press the torch button for switching it on but it is no longer needed now as it is added to the quick settings panel of notification which you can get in just a slide of screen and press it and your job is done which is very easy and convenient.