10 Best Android Music Players

App developers come up with new Android apps every now then, bringing us the best of applications with brilliant and vibrant features. And eventually, it hung us thinking about which one to pick. And when it comes to choosing Music Player, we all get stuck.

But now you don’t have to spend hours in searching for the best music player available around as we provide you with the best apps available to make your choice clearer in choosing and deciding which app suits you better.

Best Music Player Apps

Best Android Music Players

We have picked best 10 Music Players for Android with great features and feel. So have look as these music player applications are worth installing and using.


JetAudio has been the most popular Android Music Player from quite a long time. It comes up with great feature which makes it different from others and worth using. The excellent features of JetAudio are audio enhancement, bass boost, MIDI playback and lastly equalizer. It makes a simple music groovier. It is free of cost without any registration charges but costs $3.99 which removes ads.


AIMP is another brilliant music player. Apart from MP3, it supports FLAC, MP4 as well. On top of that, it has HTTP live streaming and volume normalization. It also comes with a creative and user-friendly interface with customizable layout and theme. Downloading of the music player is free of cost without any charges.


MediaMonkey has lots of features. Apart from sound and layout related features, it scores high in organizational features as well. We can easily sync the music library from your computer to phone with great ease using internet connectivity. It has a desktop application available as well. The app is free to download but costs $2.99 to unlock extra features.


BlackPlayer is a very subtle looking music player with outstanding features. It is free to download but has paid features as well. It has no ads, customizable themes, supports almost all types of music files. It works on tab structure which is easy to customize. Downloading is free of cost but extra features unlocking costs you $3.29 only.


Phonograph is the new player in the market and it comes with different features. It is simple with no extraordinary feature. It is best for music listeners who just wants to listen and enjoy music without any extra settings and preferences. It has customizable theme, home screen widget, tag editor etc. It is totally a free app without any extra charges to be paid.

Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet is another music player in the list, which comes with extra features such as embedded lyrics, tag editor, multiple queue, widgets etc. The application is completely free and posses no in-app purchases. It does not have lot of stuff in it but yet looks complete.

Neutron Player

Neutron Player is highly underrated application. It has various features that stands out. Audio rendering feature of the Neutron Player is something different and it makes the feel of music better. It is a paid Music Player but has a free trial as well.

PlayerPro Music Player

PlayerPro Music Player is another music app which haven’t got much attention but it worth installing and using as it has creative interface, user-friendly customizable settings. It even supports Chromecast so that you can easily listening to your favorite songs or can play videos on your television screen. The price of this music player is $4.9, but you can use the demo version which his free of cost.

Impulse Music Player

Impulse Music Player, is quite intuitive and distinct. It supports various features such a band equalizer, crossfade, editing of the metadata and automatic downloads. It also has gesture control feature, which make it easy and smooth to use.

Google Play Music

Google play Music is more than just a music streaming application, it lets you upload over 50,000 of your songs on cloud platform and to stream them on your mobile, computer, and other systems. It also comes up with home screen and lock screen widgets for the easy access to the player. It is a default app in all the android phones.

There are plenty of music players available, which comes with almost the same features as our best picks. So, find the Music player which suits you best and dive into the world of music.