Download Cyrus V2 Installer for iOS

This is a third-party app store in which the users can find a number of applications from hacked to tweaked apps.

The Cyrus installer is recently updated with new features and bug fixes. When we compare the Cyrus installer with the others we find that it is the best and has all the tweaked applications.

The app might revoke after a time of 7 days, so you need to install the Anti revoke VPN for this. The apk can be easily used on iOS 7+, 8+, 9+, and many more.

Cyrus V2 Installer



Some of the requirements that the users will need while installing the apk:

  • Working internet connection
  • Some storage space for downloading the Cyrus V2 installer
  • No jailbreaking required

Downloading Cyrus V2 on iOS devices:

Most of the iOS user’s jailbreaks their devices in order to customize their device. They can then use the hacked and tweaked apps. But since there is no jailbreaking tool for using the hacked apps. So the users can use a third-party app store that provides all the hacked games and tweaked apps. Every iOS user can use t freely without worries and they do not require any jailbreaking for it either.

The developer shows that by using the app the users can use any app safely and securely. Along with downloading the app, the users can even download the modified versions of some apps like Facebook, Instagram ad many more.

Installing Cyrus V2 Installer for iOS:

The app has a lot of features and can be easily downloaded on iOS devices. The users need to follow a certain set of steps to download the app:

  • Firstly they need to unlock their device and download the Cyrus V2 installer and keep in mind to download the latest version.
  • After you click on the download button, you will be automatically directed to the installation page. Then you need to switch to the right corner and click on install.
  • Next, you will be navigated to the warning. Here you need to click on the install option.
  • It will take a few seconds to complete the installation. When it is completed click on done.
  • Next, you need to go to the home screen of the device. Next, you can see the Cyrus V2 installed without any issues.


It is one of the best app stores that a user can install on the device. Through this, they can easily get access to the tweaked or hacked applications.